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Shortly after winning the this year's edition of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria contest, Sylvia Nduka granted Vivian Onuorah an interview where she talked about her growing up, why she admire Omowunmi Akinnifesi and other issues such as her love life. Enjoy

Who is Sylvia Nduka?

I am a very simple and easy going girl. I am a 3rd year student of University of Lagos, studying Accountancy. I hail from Anambra State. I grew up here in Lagos and I am the last issue in my family of 4. I had my secondary education at Queen’s College, Lagos and from there I went to Madonna University but I left after a year and I got an admission into Unilag.


Why did you leave Madonna University?

I did because of the distance, I live in Lagos with my parents and of course the distance of travelling that far every month to see my parents in Lagos was quite stressful for me that was why I left Madonna.


Is this your first attempt in a beauty contest?

Yes it is but when I was 16, I wanted to go for Miss Queens College but I was out of school so I missed the contest.


How did you get into the MBGN competition in the first place?

A friend of mine told me about it and I rushed to get my form which I filled and submitted. Luckily, I was selected like other lucky girls as well.


Did your parents know of your intention right from the beginning?

No, they didn’t and I couldn’t even tell them until I scaled through the first 2 screenings. But I was surprised that when I finally did, they weren’t even mad at me and they supported me all the way.

How would you describe your experience while in camp?

It was wonderful as well as stressful because there I had to do things I wasn’t used to; waking up very early every morning and engaging in different classes of exercise and others but it’s quite a memorable experience because I learnt a lot from other contestants too.


What is going to change about you now you have been crowned the 2011 MBGN?

Nothing really, I am still going to be my old self. I will still have my old friends and even make new ones as well but I will definitely no longer go to those my favourite joints in school to eat.


How did you feel when you were pronounced the winner?

Wow! I felt very happy and surprised at the same time because I didn’t expect to win. In fact, my heart was just pounding and I couldn’t explain the feeling.


How do you mean that you did expect it?

It’s not as if I didn’t expect to be victorious because in every contest one aspires to win but I didn’t see it coming.

What do you think got you the crown?

Well, I give it to God; I don’t think it’s by the looks or anything because every contestant there had the looks as well. I think it’s just the favour of God and I’m indeed grateful to Him for my victory.


How prepared are you to carry out your new responsibilities as the queen?

I know I am prepared.


What do you think is expected of you as the new queen?

Well I know a lot is expected of me to make a change towards growth and development in the country. Like now am going to start work on improving the academic standard of children.

How will you go about that?

Like now am going to work in partnership with some organizations to source for scholarship for some of these kids.

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Among the past queens, who do you admire the most?

Omowunmi Akinifesi and that’s because she is a very intelligent person, she knows what she wants and goes for it.

Are you still going to have time for the man in your life?

No, there’s no man for now, am still single.


Because I feel am still very young for that and besides I don’t want any form of distraction from any guy at the moment.


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  2. Sylvia u truelly are a beauty queen & u deserved the crown with Ur smiles and carriage i could remember e/t vividly when d judge had not announced the winner b/w u & ur runner up. Even ur sisterly embrace when it was finally announced proved it.wish u would use this opportunity to remember models like us who wish 2 contest bt 4 our a bit shorter height. Beauty, U go girl!

  3. Sylvia, congrats. Getting to another level in life is not quite easy. Yes! Just like u said God did it all d way. Always put in first throughout ur reign and always. U realy have a queen's smile.


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