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Col. Muammar Gaddaffi the despotic ruler who held Libya to ransome for all of 42 years is dead. The death has been confirmed by the Vice Chairman of the National Transitional Council.
 The fighting inside Gadaffi's home town of Sirte has been going on for sometime. But the Transitional Council declared victory over it when it overwhelmed Gaddafi's troop and conquered them. More coming soon!
The amazing part of the story is the man who shot at the former Libyan ruler, Muammar Gaddafi. Let keep our fingers crossed,it would be revealed soon.

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  1. if it is true, qaddafi will go down in the history of LIBIYA AS THE TRUE SON OF THE SOIL.who lived for the libiyans and died for the libiya,his name will be recorded in libiyan's history with golden words. the rebels are the puppets of imperialist forces backed by CIA and others,who unleashed an illegal war on libiya and its people on behalf of looters of libiyans resources.Bravo to qaddafi!martyre and real hero of African and libiyan people!
    may GOD bless you!


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