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 Some who have heard the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare talk will tell you that they always put their shoulder high. 
  Well, don't blame them, those guys are made.As entertainers,n they can afford to close down the counter of a bank, at least for some them if they had to go through traditional bank transactions to get paid.
 Sources in the know disclosed that Psquare earn about one hundred thousand dollars each time they are engaged by promoters especially abroad. The promoters also provide their tickets and other logistics.
 "For now, their fee is the highest.You can cross check this fact", a reliable source told recently
 Just last week they were in France and according to what we gathered, a were paid about eighty thousand dollars ($80,000).
 These guys know business like the back of their palm!


  1. When arm robber visit them, I hope you will be satisfied! Who is broadcasting how much you make for the world? Age, Religion, Weight, Income, Marital status are very private information and just because someone makes a living entertaining, it doesn't mean they can have certain to themselves. Clap for yourself, Mr. Tabiti. Endanger these young men's lives all for blog traffic #disgusted

  2. You didn't post my post because you know I speak the truth! You call yourself a journalist, shouldn't journalists be for free speech? You wouldn't like being censored yet you censor me when I say you shouldn't print these young men's salary for the world to see because it might attract dangerous elements to them. Niyi Tabiti, you should be ashamed of yourself! NTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't post this one if you don't want to too but you've read it and I hope it haunts your conscience! Endangering people's lives for money. SHAME!

  3. @Naveah-Thanks for your post. I appreciate.I like your mode of presentation.I love Psquare, they dont shy away from what they earn.They even talk about their multimillion Naira (or multi million dollars)house inside Omole Estate.You will also recollect how many times they have even granted interviews on their luxury cars. What about going on to read the amazing wealth of world billionaires including our own Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola and the rest.With due respect,we are on point. Thanks
    We can also share a thought or two together. My number is 08038641828

  4. Although, I still stand by my point, I was a little harsh. I apologize. I must have been having a bad day lol. If this is what they all do then they deserve what comes as a result of not owning full possession of their tongue. Kpele, no vex:)


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