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 Mr. Segun Arinze is allegedly in the middle of a love child controversy. Enquirer, a magazine publushed in Nigeria said  the actor is denying that he had anything to do with the mother and the baby.
See full text as published by ENQIRER
  The outgoing president of the Actors` Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Segun Arinze sure has a best kept secret he wouldn`t pray his wife knows about, and it is the story of his abandoned secret love child, a 10 years old daughter who`s a product of one night stand.

According to sources, this controversy has been on for so long a time between Segun and Amara, the mother of the innocent little girl, Mimi but because Segun is a celebrity, he`s been able to cow the quiet Igbo born lady whom he took advantage of during a movie set years back in a hotel in Enugu.

Though we learnt Segun has denied vehemently that he has never met Amara in his life, the saving grace is the fact that, some of the actor`s friends who were at the movie location could still vaguely remember Amara`s face and that’s not only the case, we don’t need a soothsayer to say the intelligent daughter is Segun`s. She`s his perfect replica, even
in her school, everybody keep asking if she`s related to actor Segun Arinze. It was as if the incumbent AGN helmsman vomited her, please take your time to look at her once again.

Tracing the genesis of the one night stand story, Enquirer gathered reliably that, Segun had been invited to a movie location in Enugu where Amara Obiefuna lives with her parents. Like every normal human being, Segun we gathered had been so randy on this fateful day and had seen the young lady who was an undergraduate of the University of Calabar. And before you could say Jack Robinson, the actor had swept the young lady off her feet and the wrestling bout that ensued on that day is the product of the innocent little girl who has been denied fatherly love and care.

Although, this office is seeking to speak to Amara, the mother of the little girl, what we heard from family sources is that, all she wants is for Segun to stand up to his responsibility as she`s not begging for marriage, `whatever he thinks we need to do to confirm the paternity of the child, I am ready, the baby is his carbon copy, he`s a very mean person, he switched off the phone he gave me after our first meeting and I`ve also met him where we discussed the issue of the pregnancy, she was quoted to have analysed.

We shall bring you details in our next edition.

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  1. D.N.A Test is all that's needed...


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