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How To Become A Movie Star and Sustaining It

Why is it hard to break into nollywood hall of fame list?Did i hear you say we have many of them? Well,most fizzle away within a short period.The truth is the most popular actors in nollywood in the last ten years are still the most relevant till date.If there is anything like nollywood goddess, the crown would definately go to Genevieve Nnaji.She is regarded as the most successful so far.
Others like Ini Edo,Rita Dominic,Monalisa Chinda,Stephanie Okereke,Uche Jombo and Mercy Johnson are also on the A-list.Nse Ikpe Etim,Ebube Nwanbo,Omoni Oboli and a few others are also doing their best.
Here we will give you few tips on how you can become a movie star and how to sustain it


First you must have the talent.Its the most important tool for you to thrive. Many people love Mercy Johnson and want to be like her. They want to walk and gain attention too just like Kim Kardashian is doing but they forget that these people have got the talent and a flair for it. For instace if you have the hips of Shakira or a figure worth dying for like that of Beyonce,does that make you a superstar?You must have the talent.
Several untalented people get roles too after giving their body or financial grantifications to people on set but they don't last!Think about it.
Think Ahead- Yes,you can have the talent to become a movie star,yet you might not succeed. Why?Some have the ability but they don't have the capacity to deliver.A good artiste must read through the lines,think ahead about the role and practice how to interprete it well.
The reason why most actors flutter is because they can go on two or three movie locations within two weeks without practicing ahead for one.They just read up within ten minutes and they believe they can get into the role so fast. Thats a huge joke,even comedians take time to practice.
Media- I once heard an actress saying she does not want her photos in magazines.i laughed and told her she should look for a private secretary job.A true star is one who is gracefully worshipped by the media.Don't give them a reason to report you bad.Keep your lines open to some reporters so that they can easily get in touch to clarify information. Don't play the superstar role with journalists because unlike your fans who idolise you,they have seen,interviewed and photographed a huge number of high profile personalities before and after you.The idea you put forward to a journalist is what they will give to millions of their readers.If you show off as the mrs snob,that is what they will tell the public.
TO Be Continued
-By Gistmaster

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