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Karen Confirms She is Engaged To...

We have followed with intrigue in the past few days, rumours and gist
circulating on the supposed 'Engagement of Ms Karen Igho to a Mystery man'
following her tweets on Twitter. Ms Karen Igho has requested that this news
statement be made available to the public on the matter. *

Ms Igho appreciates the curiosity and goodwill displayed by her fans,
critics and friends in the media regarding her affairs; she however prefers
to keep details on her 'relationship' intentions away from the public glare
until when appropriate. However, to clear the air on the alleged tweets,
they were random thoughts from Ms Karen Igho after an admirer and fan
proposed to her. Celebrities often experience the same thing; Ms Igho only
tweeted about one of such experience randomly.
In the meantime, Ms Karen Igho is actively evolving her brand name and
business while taking on active roles in Nollywood and other related
entertainment initiatives across Africa.

Hence, Ms Karen Igho reaffirms, "I am not married yet; but I am fully
engaged to my passion in entertainment - acting and modeling; while
actively promoting good causes and charity".

This release is a response to the rumours of Ms Karen Igho's engagement
buzzing in some soft-sell magazines and the social media, following some
tweets by Ms Karen Igho (19/4/2012). A fan actually asked Ms Karen Igho to
marry him in Warri, and the picture of the fingers with a ring posted by
her on twitter is that of Karen sisters. Hence, this release to the press
is to clarify the speculations.

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