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Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Top Nigerians from far and near gathered this afternoon (2 February 2008) at the Lagos Polo ground on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, for the take off of this year’s edition of Lagos Polo Tournament.
Polo is fondly called the game of kings. This is on account of the large amounts of money required for the upkeep of ponies, the registration and connections among members. Polo leaves a gap between the rich and the super rich. It is not for the faint hearted.The person must also have a sound health history.
Aside the mandatory sum of N500, 000 (About $4,200) for membership registration, we gathered that the membership committee would go through the profile of the prospective members and also carry out investigations to ensure that the person is of good character.
The first game in the tournament kicked off between Lagos Luna Milk and Ibadan Lead City University team at 2 P.M. Those who played on the part of Luna Milk are Akintayo Sotomi, Usman Ahmed, Saidu Umar and Ado Shuaib.On the hand, Ibadan Lead City University had Femi Oyeniyi, Koyin Owoeye, Bola Adeyemi and Babatunde Lawal.
Other matches today are Lagos Rojo vs. Power Horse 2, Ibadan NFL vs. Ibadan Natives and Lagos Power Horse 1 vs. Lagos Rubicon.
According to this year’s schedule notable players that would participate this year include Mohammed Babangida, Bello Buba, Jamilu Mohammed, Bayo Amusan, Francis Ogboro, Bashir Dantata,Madugu Dantata,Junaid Dikko and Aminu Abubakar Alhaji.
While speaking with this afternoon, the Captain of the Lagos Polo club,Francis Ogboro said all efforts are put in place to ensure a hitch free tournament.
The Lagos executive committee has Bayo Amusan as the president (Bayo is a successful businessman, so also his brother, Tayo the chairman of The Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki, Chief E.K.Omotseho as Vice President,Dapo Ojora (son of Otunba Adekunle and Ojuolape Ojora) is the 2nd Vice President.Adamu Yaro is in charge of Pony welfare while Madugu Dantata is in charge of stables.Jamilu Mohammed is a Ground Member and Prince Kunle Tejuosho is the social secretary.
The names polo players such Muyiwa Bola Ige, Alhaji Sani Dangote, Atedo Peterside and others have not been confirmed against any team.We, however, gathered that Senator Chris Ogunbanjo would not be available this year.

Pix 1-Lagos Luna Milk and Ibadan Lead University teams.Lagos won the match.Pix 2-Captain of Lagos Polo Club,Chief Francis Ogboro and a guest.Pix 3-Mr.Bayo Amusan ,President of Lagos Polo Club (left) and Mr.Wale Edun, a former Commissioner of Finance In Lagos.


  1. Polo is a hard game to play o!

    Dem Aristo guys are really trying o!

    I admire their skills. I think they best open up a polo game training academy to train the youngsters to learn, as well.

  2. I am a friend of Akintayo Sotomi, known to his friends in California as Akin. If anyone has a current email address for him, please forward to

    Thank you,


  3. I wonder why someone like Dapo Ojora has never stepped into politics ever. This is a man who does not give a damn where you come from and who you are but maiitained an open door life with anyone. I used to see him freely in Awolowo road stable and even in his office. While the secretary would want to stick to usual naija "Oga no dey" style, Baba polo would sight you right away and say 'come inside! When I realized how dingy and tarttered I was those days to sit right inside his palatial Office in Obalende gisting with him in his office, Iam so happy he survived his accident and he is still bubling! Few other ones like that are in my diary: Babangida Hassan Katsina,Dr Wole Omikorede, Hamza Kwajafa, These are people with distinct human veins. Very impartial! Always ready to render help to anyone in need. Always compasionate! May God bless you guys forever!
    New York


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