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Story-Niyi Tabiti
Moyo Ogunlewe's photo-Niyi Tabiti
Adeseye Ogunlewe's

Chief Adeseye Ogunlewe, Nigeria’s former Minister of Works may no longer be in government but he remains the minister of ‘enjoyment’ in town. We saw the ex-minister the other day at one of the A-list clubs in Victoria Island. He came alone in his jeep but left with ‘something’ special.
One of those who had encountered him on one or two occasions told gistmaster that Ogunlewe likes enjoying himself no doubt but he is full of humility. "Whenever he comes around,you don't to see him showing everybody that he was once a high ranking minister in this country.It seems the man is trying to fade away all the political hassles he had gone through in the past from his mind"
Moyo, the ex-minister’s son is also a chip of the old bloc. The University of Lagos student, club very well and all the big names in school respect him. He won the most 'Influential Student Award' at the UNILAG/Questionmark award. Moyo also has a younger brother who is also abig boy in town.
On the other hand, Chief Ogunlewe remains a member of the leading Peoples Democratic Party. He saw the bitter side of politics when he was sacked from the cabinet of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.He was also arrested and interrogated when his political rival, Chief Funsho Williams was assassinated in Lagos. At that time, he dropped the idea of contesting as Governor of the state. It automatically paved the away for Musiliu Obanikoro’s nomination at the last election.
Pix 1-Moyo Ogunlewe
pix 2-Chief Adeseye Ogunlewe


  1. @ least Ogunlewe's children go to Lag.

  2. Niyi u shouldnt write things like this on the net.the senator ogunlewe that i know does not indulge in such act.


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