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Story&Photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Photo 1-Timaya performing on the stage.He gave agood account of himself.

2) Guests and one of the Ayim-Osigwes rocking the dance floor

3) Uche Iwuji posing for photographs

4) Stephanie Okereke, one of the best dressed of the night striking a pose for
5)Beautiful chics at the ceremony

6) Bob-Manuel Udokwu, a friend and Zach Orji
7) Basorge Tariah reeling out what i call 'good' jokes to the audiance.We all had a good time listening to the Niger Delta born comedian.
8) Hmmm...this fan made things really uncomfortable for star actress from Ghana,Jackie Apea,here.All in the name of posing with his favourite star, the guy was almost kissing her.The babe kept on bending her head to avoid the guy until I took the could have waited longer before taking the shot.Some fans are extremists or what do you think!


  1. it was so obvious that Jackie was uncomfortable but still managed to give that beautiful smile. why couldn't the guy just get a clue? anyway, wish I could have seen her dress.

  2. Well done, keeping us up to date... Keep up the good job.

  3. Some African men definitely don't know how to behave when they meet females. No respect at all. If Jackie's hubby were there, i'm sure the man would've given the bashing of his life. No wonder it was reported a few years ago that Omo T slapped a fan that tried to kiss her. *long hiss*

  4. lol...Uche Iwuji don come again...dis 1 force by force una must validate me!


  5. eh hen i knew that jackie girl was an actress. lol she looks uncomfortable.. she's thinkin will this guy carry his derry mouth out of my face?? na wetin sef??

    i see our fave..Uche. well she looks em ok sha.

    stephanie...y do have my purse abi clutch??..whicheva one! she looks good. she must have a collection of long flowy dresses. she's rocking them tho.

  6. my darling bob manuel...what is really hood with ur belt?? hmm! interesting but me no likey.

  7. I like Bob-Manuel Udokwu and because of likeness, i believe that he needs a stylist.

  8. is that a pistol buckle on udokwu?ROTFLMAO.

  9. Uche Iwuji needs to find something that can validate her as a person! Maybe go to school and or improve on her acting skills. As for this fashion/looking good on the red carpet thing, she just does not have it. She is just trying too hard.

    Thanks Niyi for the photos an btw, no Omotola:(

  10. Chibekee Said:

    Dum dum dum dum(drums rolling) Ah! Here comes our favourite !!!-the great Aunty Uche Iwuji.

    Uche my dear which category is this one now!
    Infact since my fellow people have let you go let me too let you go. But be fery fery careful we are watching you.

  11. Abeg make una leave Uche alone o jare, she's indeed trying to validate herself and i must commend her for that. At least, she's listening and reading comments.

    Stephaine looks fabulous, babe knows she's beautiful.

    Ok i have to say my mind here, Bob na wetin piston dey do infront of your thingy?????
    that's so ghetto and hood all at the same time. See your fellow brother Zack, looking sophiscated and professional, you dey there dey look like thug. No, i don't like it. Your wife actually allowed you out of the house like that, not cute at all.

  12. Uche Iwuji looks like a bridesmaid. I'm not sure if that was the point.


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