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Story & photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Encomium White gig would be the talk of town for a long to come.It was simply explosive!Everyone was on the dance floor...
Photo 1-Prisca Ndu of UBA plc stepping into the venue
Photo 2-Actress Iyabo Ojo and friends on the red carpet
Photo 3-Ace broadcaster,Soni Irabor and wife,Betty (publisher of Genevieve Magazine)
Photo 4- Uju Murphy-Uzohue and friend Norah Penawou


  1. The Lagos Nigerian press love and like Uju Murphy-Uzohue, she is lucky.

  2. Pic 1 - Did she get married there?
    Iyabo Ojo's outfit looks ok, but her face looks a hot mess...wth is that in her teeth? She needs to stop bleaching..not cute at all...
    Clairon Chukwura is on point...some of these older actresses dress way better than the younger ones...shame!

  3. y in d world is dat woman wearing a wedding dress? Was she tryn to notify the single men at the party or wot?

  4. lol@wedding dress.that was my first impression too.
    whoever let her out of the house in that outfit is soooooooooooooooo wikid

  5. Anonymous1 (6.00am). That was what came to mind-wedding gown.Iyabo Ojo is damaging her skin I pity her. Winged collar no bow tie abi it's the latest fashion? Since Iyabo started going to obodo oyinbo her "levels don change" courtesy of Atlantic , MKone & co.She looked better before she started "skin treatment".


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