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Story & photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Stephine Okereke is ever stunning and she knows it.She is not kind to be caught off guard by fashion police.Here, the beautiful model and nollywood actress turned out wonderfully well at the NMA also noticed that 'assed' it well proportioned in the yellow dress made by Mon Ami.Its a case of if you have it...flaunt it.Thats her trumpet and she has to blow it!
The third and fourth photos has this beautiful damsel knwon as Nloma.I think she deserves a place here with the way she turned out at the Nigerian Music Award 2008.


  1. Nloma needs to hit the gym if she wants to show up naked to an event abeg.
    Stephanie looks nice and classy.

  2. Bia nna men, what's with u and these womens' asses sef? I love Stephanie's dress though, even though it's a native attire, it's still elegant at the same time.

  3. That outfit does not speak Stephanie Okereke at all, biko. And what is with the feathers??? around her shoulders. Anyway, to a discerning eye, it is not her, at all. To another it might look goood. Everyone to his/her own opinion, God for us all. I still love Stephanie, though.

  4. Nloma Pata alaso lowo!!(LOL!!!)

  5. Chibekee Said:

    Absolute crap. Niyi,the Nloma abi Njoma or whatever, did they tell her it is nicka with tear tear blouse that people wear to award ceremonies why not restrict the dramatics to the theatre and stop assaulting our years spent using our hard earned money to buy fashion mags.

    In fact 10 strokes of the cane to you, come on turn your bum bum Twai! Twai! Good, now your nicka is torn like your blouse. Hot mess.

  6. Stephanie's dress looks like something designed for a sci-fi movie. and the other woman, nothing there really.

    wasn't it a music award? where are the musicians? I only see actors.

  7. niyi are you joking?
    that nloma has serious wobbly cannot wear something so short if your pins are not toned to within an inch of their existence...
    gym gym gym..

  8. Why is she wearing shorts under that shirt now? ehn why now?

  9. hook me up with that black sista.

  10. abeg all of you saying gym, even if she goes to live there her cellulite will still be there, she needs to wear longer shorts or get those temporary cellulite treatments

  11. nloma, if u dont have clothe, just come i will give u mine for loan but u must return after use. Wat's dat mess? na nicka we neva see before. Abi wetin u de think sef?


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