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Life is a school of lessons and the willingness to be open to learning means you are living. And learning comes from various avenues, not only in the classroom,it could be informal too. I think it is an advantage to one to be receptive to learning, whatever age you are and whatever your achievements are. As a professional,you need feedback.
Feedback is a response to something that you have done and a tool of feedback is criticism.Criticism by many has been perceived as having a negative connotation.But I beg to differ. Critisism, is a basis for analysis and when there is an analysis, is the diverse look of a piece of work according to its strengths and weaknesses.
Now to the owner of the work being criticised, you may develop two attitudes towards it,irritation;feeling its your person being attacked or receive it as feedback and truly look and acknowledge what is true and needs improving or,seeing it from the critics point of view. It doesn't mean you are right, it doesn't mean the critic is right either.
Neither does it mean you are both wrong,its just difference in opinion.That is why,I am taking it as a learning curve and saying thank you for all those who have aired their views in support of or strongly against my views as written on my blog tittled 30 something ,single,living abroad and marriage.All I can say is that it was interesting to read various other views on the matter. There isn't just an answer to the topic, as it has been so proven.
Thank you.
Chief Reporter's note: You can read the second and third part of the article '30 something,single,living abroad and marriage on Abimbola Junaid is a Human and business development coach based in UK.She is for a one to one


  1. Your articles are just too good. keep it up


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