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You know, it is very easy for people to judge you by where you are or what you are going through.But tell them not to quickly judge you,if only they know how far you've come, how many a tough battle you have survived.And how you are keeping alive by God's grace,hanging on to hope,not giving up on yourself. If only they knew,the bitter tears you have shed, in the daytime, afternoon and nightime;the sleepless nights.
The lamentations of your heart;questioning your very existence. Asking the question,"why you".Nobody but you know of the several attempts you have made at reaching your goals, how endlessly you have searched;high and low,for a lifting up,for a hand to reach out to you,for someone to care,for someone to say "it will be alright" for a breakthrough.Nobody knows of the things you have had to sacrifice, things you have lost, things that have been forcefully taken from you, what advantage was taken of your vulnerability.

The trauma,of it all,that you have live with and working your self slowly through to forget.That your reaching out again,trying yet again,dreaming again,daring to laugh again,are all signs of your recovery,from it all,You are daring to keep keeping on,at all cost. And someone else,talks down at you,look down at you,think you are irresponsible and not making the most of it in life?You know the truth,and that is all that matters.
They judge you by their own standard of success, which always include; the degrees, the lovely house, posh ride, bank account,beauty,class,eloquence.But no one has a clue that your being alive is a success on its own.That you are a true fighter, that you are healing, recuperating from the many falls and blows you have encountered.
My dear,if no one celebrates,your past with you,to appreciate your presence, do your self that honour, hold your head high, your shoulders straight and say to the world,"I AM PROUD OF ME, I AM A SURVIVOR, I AM A FIGHTER ,I HAVE COME FAR AND I WILL MAKE IT AND I LOVE ME AND ALWAYS WILL,I HAVE COME FAR"I join in celebrating you with you, I give a toast to you, and I believe in you.Well done,true fighter.Go at your pace,take all the time you need,do not be weary,but remain steadfast.
Chief Reporter's note: Abimbola Junaid is a human and business development coach based in the UK.She is available for a one to one.Contact her or visit her blog


  1. abeg where are the pictures from 9ice's engagement and reception? thanks in advance

  2. nice and inspirational.............
    keep it coming !!!!


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