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Story & photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

The remains of Late Prince John Olatunde Atobatele has been committed to mother earth.He was buried in Ilesa, Osun State on Saturday 11 July 2008.He was aged 61
Family members and friends came from different parts of the world to give the late pharmacist and socialite a befitting burial.
Foluso Atobatele, his only son was ably supported by his sisters, which included, Bukola (Now Mrs.Ashaolu), a Chartered Accountant,Olubunmi (now Mrs Akinmade) a University of Ibadan trained medical doctor,Feyisara (now Mrs. Ogunfowokan) , formerly of African Independent Television (now based in Republic of Ireland),Omobolanle and Oluwatosin.
The service of songs took place on Friday 10 July 2008 at the residence of the Atobateles in New Bodija GRA,Ibadan.The following day, there was a funeral service at Methodist Church of Nigeria Cathedral of Light,Agodi,Ibadan,Oyo State.Thereafter, family members and friends took off to Ilesa, Osun State where the remains of Atobs was buried.The people later returned to Ibadan for entertainment.
The late Atobatele hails from the Ijebu Ijesha Ruling House.He attended the prestigious Ilesa Grammar School and later graduated from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife,Osun State,South West, Nigeria) in 1971.He did his internship at Apapa Health Centre, Lagos.He later joined Nigerian Hoescht Phamarceuticals in 1983 and rose to the position of National Sales Manager before he retired to start his own company, Johnat Nigeria Limited. The late Atobs, as he was fondly called by friends was a member of Obokun Social Club and also a past President of Rotary Club of Eleyele (District 9130),Ibadan.
Atobatele was also an active member of Ifedapo Society and Wesley Movement. He married the love of his life, Christiana Olufunmilayo (nee Ogundare) in 1974.
In her tribute, Oluwatosin the last daughter of the deceased said she found it hard to believe that her father had left the world just like that.Olubukola, the first daughter said the death came as a rude shock but she had the assurance that he fatrher his resting in the bossom of the Lord.Ade Atobatele, a nephew of Late Atobale described him as someone who was always willing to help people.He said he would miss him greatly.

Photos 1 and 2-A cross section of the late Atobatele children at the Church service in Ibadan.
Photo 3-From Left, A guest,Mrs.Olubukola Ashaolu,Dr.Olubunmi Akinmade and Mrs Feyisara Ogufowokan, children of the late Prince Olatunde Atobatele at Ilesa, Osun State.
Photo 4-Feyi Atobatele performing the dust to dust for her late father
Foluso Atobatele, the only son of the deceased also performing the dust to dust rite for his late father.


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  3. please ignore him! he`s such an unrelevant fellow & there is always one of such in every family

  4. Daddy showkey sang somebody tulese while somebody daleru.(tulese mean make peace while daleru mean destroy)which one are u egbon.Dont interfere in whta u dont know

  5. Word of caution to you all who have played a role in whatever form or fashion in all of this unfolding drama: Do not be deceived whatever a man sows, this he will surely reap (Later and more than he sowed)

    Enjoy your harvest... when it comes

  6. You know what, its about time you shut up. Why are you trying to make trouble where there shouldnt be any. Please get a life!!! In fact start sorting out your own life instead of tryin to destroy others

  7. Uncle Atobs, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen. I just cant comprehend your death 'cos i saw you driving not quite a month ago looking your chubby and cheery self. I only got to know of your passing on last Friday when i was driving to Lagos en-route London and i saw your poster on a wall near my residence, gosh was i numb? Auntie take heart God will be with you and the children Amen.

    Seye Oyeleye.

  8. Ade at least put his name next to his post which I am struggling to see why you have all come out to attack. Until the rest of you have the nerve to come out of your hiding you remain 'unrelevant'... :-)

    Enjoy your harvest as has been said

  9. Maybe no one is ready to start trading words with him & cos we`ve warned by family elders to ignore him but don`t u think u shd have led by example by posting up ur name "Mr Harvest"?

  10. Age is nothing but a number..... sometimes the eldest may not be matured enough at handling issues.

  11. ????????????????
    What is happening here? Niyi said nothing that is stranger than fiction so why did Mr. Ade Atobatele have to stir up things that nobody even knows about?

  12. Nobody?????? sorry you weren`t part of the important pple who knew besides that was the way the man in question wanted it,so let`s not go further,
    speak not about the dead but let the living LEARN!

  13. Enough said my people..... I think we av all got our messages across. Uncle T would not av wanted all this. Lets talk about him and the good things he has done and would be remembered by..... not all this. Once again I am pleading with you all..... enough is enough...

  14. Gee!!! What a supportive family you have all been... Have you all thought of the effect your indiscretions will have on the wife and children Uncle T left behind when they see these exchanges?
    Doubt any of you have even had the common decency to check up on them. Guess not as you've been busy fighting your selfish causes -pitching your lousy tents all over the place -giving commentaries when no one asked you.

    Eni to soju o dabi eni to se eyin.

    The truth is bitter -Take a quick reflective truth check with this song:

    When it's all been said and done
    There is just one thing that matters
    Did I do my best to live for truth?
    Did I live my life for you?

    When it's all been said and done
    All my treasures will mean nothing
    Only what I have done for love's rewards
    Will stand the test of time

    Lord, your mercy is so great
    That you look beyond our weakness
    That you found purest gold in miry clay
    Turning sinners into saints

    I will always sing your praise
    Here on earth and in heaven after
    For you've joined me at my true home
    When it's all been said and done
    You're my life when life is gone...


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