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By Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Contrary to wide spread reports that Nollywood actress, Ini Edo would be having a talk of the town wedding with boyfriend, Phillip Ehiagwina in Nigeria, high wired sources have disclosed that there is nothing of such plans on their cards for now.
The star actress and her US based lover have been rumored to be planning a show stopping white wedding for September 2008.Informed sources close to the two love birds said they may have plans but surely, nothing like that is going to happen in September as speculated in the media. One of them said, “Forget whatever you hear or read elsewhere, Ini and Phillip are not planning any wondrous wedding show in September”.
The source was however, silent on the purported traditional do between both families at the end of this month.
On the other hand, the source told that the Akwa Ibom state born actress is totally different from the wrong identity that a lot of her detractors are spreading about town. According to the source, Ini is cool and down to earth but highly misunderstood. Ini who is currently holidaying in the US is due to return to Nigeria any moment from now. We gathered that Phillip has been spoiling her silly with the good things of life. On the other hand, Ini is also said to be pampering herself by shopping for the best designer collections. According to our findings, the new Ini would be a totally re-branded one.
The two have been rumoured to be planning the wedding since last year shortly after their romance and engagement became public knowledge.Initially, rumour mill was agog that their wedding was to take place first quarter of this year.


  1. This has pls nothing to do with Ini Edo. i am just speaking in general.

    With some of our naija celebs whenever it is being reported about their shooping spree. it always about their shopping for designer gears. And i am thinking, mosttimes, the designers does not suit them..really. i mean yes, if one can afford it, let them buy it, true. and then again, what about the fitting?

    that's why Giorgio Armani, for example, would make an outfit for lets say, vivica a fox and ask her to come in for a fitting so that ammendments can be made if needed or desired.

    most of those foreign designer label, clothing are not made for mass production. that is why we have deola sagoe, house of maufechi, ade bakare, monami, modela, tiffany amber, dakou clothing, remi fagbohun, ifeoma, bloomingdale (ngozi nkoloenyi) and so many others that i can not remember their names at this time.

    maybe those naija celebs could learn to work with them. i am talking about the ones that have not started doing that, yet. they can assist help and take the naija designer labels and stylists to another level.

    'cause as a designer one needs a muse and who will wear & advertise their clothing also their branded designs. that's why giorgio armani even christian dior if i am not mistaken, will have an audience with the likes of beyonce letting her know that they want to syle her, lets say..for an event.

    why? because she is a known worldwide celeb.

    let naija celebs learn to appreciate their own in all sincerity. not that i know it all... But these are my thoughts so far, as our naija celebs are also, going worldwide.

    Yes o!

  2. U right Ifeoma bout wot u said,I really surpport u on dat

  3. RIGHTLY SAID Ifeoma.

    Why do people think that its all about buying teh most expensive western designers' clothes that makes them stylish and chique?!!

    Beats me!

    The typical designer wear is made for a caucasian woman, who, 9 out of 10 times does not have a large booty/arse like an African woman!

    So, you buy a size 8 for a white woman and your hips are really a size 12, with chest of size 8, so, what next? You still have to bring it to designers like us to alter for you.....

    And in thsi day and age, you can actually look more glam in traditional Couture than the ill-fitting foreign evening wears I have seen on some people on the runway.

    Heck! I will speak for my profession.
    Tell me I am wrong? Oh yes, I can toot my horn a little bit (Sue me!) I have put dresses on the runway and beauty pageants that a Dior dress cant stand next to. And guess what? All made with Nigerian local fabric! Am proud of our textiles, and its about time celebrities take some pride in our local fabrics as well.

    Like Ifeoma listed, there are Nigerian-based designers that would make any celeb look awesome on the runway.

    I am a US-Based fashion designer, but in a blink, I will wear a JD7 couture dress to any event and turn heads.....

    Anyway, thank God, the westerners love our designs, even if our own people do not!

  4. This phillip wey you wan marry dey live for Houston? Make you check am well because it does not sound good especially living in houston. He is a car dealer? i wonder if he has a shop where he displays cars or work for commission as a typical car sales man in America. Do your home work very well before you regret it. Goodluck.


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