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I believe someone out there has a solution. For months, a fellow, who lives in the United States has been calling to find out about every 'babe' on the blog.
He wants to ‘lay’ everybody. Normally, I am used to incessant calls from guys who are interested in ladies. Babes call too, to find out about guys they like. Ofcourse, I believe people can find their life partners anywhere...including public toilets! There are people who are genuinely interested in having a blissful relationship with people they admire
but this particular fellow has been giving me hell and I have been very polite. There was a time he phoned and said, “Niyi, I am damn crazy about Stella Damasus. I really need you to get me her contact. I am gonna show her that no man got to love her as much as I do. I really need her to be the mother of my kids”
The other day, it was a babe he saw on the 'THISDAY post'. Another time he called again, saying he wouldn’t mind dating Stephanie Okereke since she is no longer with her husband. When I posted the story on Remi Fagbohun, he called me again… "Niyi, I have made up my mind about Remi.She lives in the US and I live in the US. You know what me saying? We can hook up and start a blissful life together”
Remi, who?” I asked.
Remi Fagbohun
“She is married, didn’t you read that?” I asked.
We dragged that for sometime until the guy stopped calling for a while. He resumed again few weeks back and he has been asking to date every babe again.
“That girl is out of this world man. I need to hook up with her” He said, referring me to the photograph of a lady that attended the Lagos International Polo Tournament. He even quoted the date. Some days ago, I was about leaving the office when he called again. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked for a 'favour'. I think the woman with the six kids (referring to the story on Lilian Ugboeke’s story ) is actually amazing. She look chic and her body is just perfect. That is my kind of woman. I am sure she is Igbo. I don’t care what anyone says but I think I want her to be my wife? I have been trying her number I saw on the page.Niyi, can you connect us?”
Immediately he finished, something sparked on my head and I laughed uncontrollably.I also checked the number again to be sure that this person wasn’t calling me from a psychiatrist home (Yaba a pa osi) in Yankee!I think the guy's case is more of obsession than interest.Lets just pray he finds help with a dating site or someone who can 'load' words into his head!


  1. I am very amused by this story. Why do people feel that because there are in the United States that it is a "pick up line" to get a woman or man interested with them.
    This Man sounds like he is crazy and has no life here in USA. He probarly is a looser with no decent job and an attention seeker as well.
    Niyi, you will have to learn to ignore his calls.
    Good Luck in dealing with that "Sicko"
    Your Fan in Washington DC

  2. Pathetic guy!!! hisssssssss...

    What does he think, that Nigerian women are so cheap and will fall for him just cos he's in yankee!?! *roll eyes*

    What he needs is a better life!!!! or maybe ARROW!

  3. Quite hilarious.On a lighter note,tell him am hot,single searching n available and he should send me thousands of dollars for a ticket to meet him in the US for our first date.chikena

  4. Is he normal ??????????, Sure he is not obsessive compulsive.......

  5. you people should stop bashing the guy.. ah!wetin.. one man's meat is another man's poison..thank God he's event after women and not fellow men like Pastor Macaulay, the notorious GAY 'pastor' of Rainbow Church in Lagos.

    @latifa--you, dey there dey roll your eyes..when the visits yr blog and sees your hot, sexy legs and that yr luscious lips, he will come after you with full force..Bet it, you the guy's next target!

  6. i think he is a pervert or maybe he is just wanting girls to trip for his yankee status. but at least cut your coat according to your size. he is not very knoledgeable and i wish him the best in finding a wife.

    he might just be filled with the spirit of lust and that is a serious case.

    Yankee boy, i gat something to say to you, seek Jesus and do that very soon.

  7. @ Latifa, yes most nigerian women have oresented themselves to be cheap and literally, they would fall 4 him becos he is from yankee. dont start thinking i'm a man o! lol. anyways i've experienced a situation whereby i was stopped by anoda female telling me i have a beautifull body and she wouldnt mind being my life partner.. (as in lesbian)me i was SHOCKED and d next thing dat cam out of her mouth was "i heard u live in jand"..."oh i like ur bag" ..."ur car is d hottest around" and this was wen i went visiting in naij o. did she think i just bought a car and parked it in naij. ofcourse it was borrowed but becos of wat she could see, she could only imagine wanting it. so if nigerian women can be like dat with their fellow women, i dont see how dey wont fight 4 d dude. so i really cant blame d guy. its wat he has seen dat has promted this behaviour...

  8. you should publish his number jare and shame him. What kind of devil is worrying his head like so? He's clearly not alright.

  9. This guy na real stalker oh. Niyi you get time gon o for attending to his calls knowing he is capable of nothing but rubbish, maybe u need to call his bluff and warn him to stop calling you...the guy has gone psycholomental.

  10. Dude is not harming anyone! Abeg Niyi leave am to continue to dey change im mind every second. Thats the beauty of choice, so he has right of a defferent choice every second! lol

  11. Niyi, I think the guy likes you and is using the ladies as a cover up.

  12. @anonymous3...Please don't scare me now!!! Tofiakwu! Olorun Maje! Fia! God forbids! Laye laye! I'm not a target for the devil!!!

    @mysterious girl...dat is some freaking sh**! 4real! na wa oh!! See how this girls make 9ja women look. Terrible people ruins good characters! Money is not everything!!!

    My friend was telling me if I land for 9ja, I should look out for Yahoo ! Yahoo! and Aristos! Mehn what has Naij turn into!!! Chineke!

  13. I'm sorry, this dude is pscho. Niyi, u beta be careful, you don't know what he's up to. There are some Nigerian men out there that are crazy like that, I'm not saying all of them, but I've met more crazy Nigerian men than cool ones.

  14. Does this guy live in New York? If so, this could be the work of none other than FUNSO AKINBOSUN or somethinglike that! That guy is a tyrant! He love the whole world! He has tried to talk to ALL the naija babes on facebooki...he's so pathetic!!! I wouldn't put this kind of foolishness past him.


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