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Nollywood diva and fashion sophisticate, Miss Rita Dominic would be the centre attraction at a presentation in her honour slated for A-list celebrity hangout, Swe Bar, Onikan, Lagos on Saturday 11 October 2008. Top paparazzi, journalists and movie practitioners are expected to be part of the presentation.
Rita Dominic was adjudged the best dressed Nollywood actress following massive reactions and a poll conducted by Gistmaster, Nigeria’s foremost daily celebrity news/photos online tabloid. According to the facilitators of the poll, Nigerians from different parts of the world tapped into the global opportunities of the internet to vote for their favorite stars and at the end of the poll spanning about 3 three months (we started in June), Rita Dominic came tops with the highest vote, closely followed by Genevieve Nnaji.We got thousands of comments, text messages and phone calls from lovers of the movie industry.
Apart from Swe Bar, the classy hangout for top celebrities, top make up artist, Orekelewa, a leading make up product owned by Tara Fela Durotoye and SHARE by Tosyn Bucknor are also co-sponsors of the event. Tara is a role model in Nigeria's beauty industry. She has done bridal make up for Nigeria's richest families.Right now, her fast moving make up line has provided employment opportunities to thousands of undergraduates and young school leavers.
A model in the United States of America has also sent us beautiful clothes as part of goodies meant for the winner.
We are overwhelmed by the massive reactions we got from Nigerians over the world. We saw many interesting comments.It was a real eye opener to the value glamour play in the acting business.
Apart from the votes, we took a step ahead by consulting with about 40 journalists and celebrities and at the end; Rita also emerged as the first. On and off screen, Rita continues to be a pacesetter in her well turned out fabric.
In her comment, Estella, a top fashion designer based in the America stated “As a Fashion Designer, I give her (Rita) the thmbsup! She dresses good. Nothing like what everyone else is wearing...she has her own style and not afraid to experiment.... Am looking forward to having her in one of my haute couture designs soon”
Mia a blogger commented thus “Rita, Omotola, Genevieve and Stephanie all look good for the most part. They all have their moments, but at the least they always look CLEAN, APPRORIATE, and PRESENTABLE. Let’s not forget that all four are in good shape (though in different sizes).
“Omotola, after four kids looks AMAZING! Stephanie always knows what looks good on her. Genevieve keeps it together and could loosen up sometimes but she is definitely a beautiful girl. And my favorite Rita ALWAYS keeps it NEAT and SIMPLE! From her hair to her makeup, she shows up to every event looking CLASSY!”
Another person wrote “RITAAAAAAAAAAAAAA all the way men. You could accuse her of anything, but in my book she could never be guilty of not dressing right and representing not just herself but Naija chicks well...she’s my girl any day”
Another reader figure out that “Like someone already said, this is not a popularity contest. Right Niyi? So when is comes to dressing, Rita gets it right for the most part on and off screen. She knows what suits her, her signature hair is always fresh and tidy. She takes risks, and is always interesting. Omotola is another one who gets it right all the time.
Stephanie is really good with gowns but her pants are always too short for her. Because of her height, she needs to shop in "tall women" for trousers. Dakore should definitely be on this list. She is gorgeous; she's fit, and very trendy. Kate also should be on the list. Genevieve on the other hand would be #1 or 2 on best actress, but not on this list.
An entertainmen journalist states “Truth be told, I cannot get past counting on one hand the ladies in Nollywood that should go for best dressed. But am going be nice and try to raise the number to more than 5. Hey ladies we talking best dressed here and good looking or beautiful and blah blah blah, lets not stray ok?Here is my review.
“I honestly think Rita is the best dressed. She always turns up simple and elegant. Even in her movies, I have never caught her looking off or dressed awfully. Her jewellery is always on point with what she wears and the functions. It takes a fashion conscious person to know the sort of fashion that suits the function.
She pays attention to her skin color-cloth selection (part of the reason she does not look like a disco light or appear dirty unlike some people we know in Nollywood). Though I must admit Rita takes some risk that turn out flawless. She probably has the same fleshy body like ini but she hides yet flaunts her body without looking like a TRAMP! I give her 89%. Well her low point is her signature headties……first they well cool now they are so old,so predictable.
Stella Damasus on the other hand just like Rita cannot be caught dressing awful. She keeps her game tight. She just does it without effort which is probably the difference. On set and off set she dresses amazingly well. She gets 85% for being her…..a natural fashionista! “People have ignored Dakore……why? She dresses well. Never overdoes it or makes an effort about her dressings. Though wearing on type of hair (dreads) could blind some people’s fashion 3rd eye I can look beyond it. I know when people tend to wear the same hair it makes people overlook details. Dakore in her movies looks just great and looks even better away from the set. She is HAWT! She surprises with her dressing because to those who overlook the details, they think Dakore and their minds think “pair of pants and top with amazing healthy dreads” but HELL NAW!!! She is not afraid to surprise us with her –BE SPOKE style. She gets 82%”
Lesson-Dressing is not how much it cost you to buy your Tommy Hilfiger, Prada or any label but wearing the right thing at the right time. We have taken photos of most red carpet events in Nigeria and found out that in the process of imitating Hollywood stars, our celebrities often make some obvious mistakes.for instance "don't wear evening gown to a boat cruise!"

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