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Story & photos by Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Star singer and Nollywood wonder girl, Stella Damasus-Aboderin tried as much she could to evade taking photos with a ‘gentleman’ who came with her to a fun spot in Victoria-Island, Lagos.
Stella stepped into Club 868 with the young man and she felt so much uncomfortable as the paparazzi fired heavy shots from their cameras. She could not wait on the green carpet, as she barked at someone “Where is the entrance?” in an effort to evade her photographs being taken. The guy who accompanied her was wise enough to put his face off camera to prevent the insinuation in the press that she is new man in Stella’s life.
Immediately, they stepped out, there was even argument that Stella and the guy did not come to the place together. As a way of proving pundits wrong managed to take their photo together shortly before they zoomed off in the Toyota Landcruiser that brought them.
No one could actually say whether they are busy partners,blood relations or dating, but almost everyone around could tell that the beautiful actress was only to trying to save her face from another imminent romance tale.
In the past, Stella Damasus had been romantically linked with several men such as Sammie Okposo, Lanre Nzeribe, Richard Mofe-Damijo and others-all of which she has repeatedly denied. She, however, granted an interview sometime ago that she was has a 'faithful friend' in a young man known as Lanre, the well youngman who took part in one of editions of Guilder Ultimate Search.


  1. wa ooooo. The tatafos are out. lol
    Abeg, leave the woman make she enjoy herself ojare. She don bereave enough already, afterall her late husband died over 2 yrs ago, if my memory still sharp. I'm sure if it were the reversible, the man will start having women coming to his house 40 days after burial.
    She's still young & under 30. If she was a widow over 50 now, then i'm sure she'd have lost interest.

  2. thats her new man alright.his name is emeka and they are even engaged sef!

    niyi u knw me and u still dey owe me the story u mention my name.

  3. Damn!can't y'all leave this lady alone?or is she living ur life?and as for that cheep ass nigger calling someone's name and doesn't have the balls to say his? just grt a better JOB,i think it will keep u busy.
    yeah i said i said it.
    BRIAN :)

  4. LMAO! Niyi u be paparazzi oh! GEEEZZZ!!! kai!! Some hot shot sha, i have 2 admit... good job

  5. dats y u r known as the gistmaster!!

    P.S. please leave Stella to live her life now! Biko!

  6. Niyi adn all other paparazzi's, please leave this woman alone. about time she had a love life , don't you think?

    I wish her the best with her new found man.

  7. I think Stella has a right to be happy. She has shown Jaiye respect and mourned him for more than 2 years. I think it is time for her to move on if she feels so. She is too young to remain a widow for ever. I just pray that this choice is the best. I hope both of them are in the relationship for the right reasons. God bless her

  8. No that her relationship has crashed again i think the Aboderins should now be bold enough to ask Stella what happened to their son.
    So soon another dick has expired!
    Who is next?

    Mac Donald


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