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By Niyi Tabiti
Chief Reporter

Shirley Alero Aghotse needs little or no introduction. In 2005, the 6 feet tall lady won the coveted crown of Miss Tourism International put together by Mrs. Nike Agunbiade-Etiebet.She fizzled out of limelight shortly after her reign. Now, the beauty appears to be back but this time in another dimension.
She told GISTMASTER that she is championing a new organization that would map out a new strategy for peace and stability in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country. According to her, the aim of the organization is to inject the right values and philosophy into the Nigerian youth.
The name of the non governmental organization is “Nigeria Rebirth Renaissance and advancement initiative”. Shirley, a native of Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, disclosed the next thing on her agenda is the conference being planned by the NGO and it is expected to come up in March next year.
On her part, it is bye-bye to bikini or strutting the run way. She noted that her ambition now is to become an erudite scholar that would champion the cause of the common people. “Don’t be surprised to see me becoming a professor in the next few years.I am really passionate about education and all I want to do is to ensure that people of my generation represents the right values that would help make us progress as a nation.I think beauty pageants and all that is now a past of my life. This is a new phase because i believe there are so many issues that needed to be tackled particularly from the grassroots.
Greatly influenced by the great amazons such as her mum, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Dora Akunyili and others,Shirley said the doors of the NGO is open to progressives, ready to contribute their quota to the lives of an average Nigerian and the country as a whole.
You can call or text Shirley on 08064573201 or


  1. It is a great piece of article and quote but I am interested to know what are the issues that she is referring to and what are some of the ideas that she or NGO have to begin to "Tackle these issues from the grass root" as she puts it.
    Frankly, Nigeria need to help their youths to find jobs and not just having an education that is wasted. They also need to look into why a lot of Unversity graduates seem to wait for ever to be called to go to NYSC. Especially since one has to complete this process before getting to work for the government. It is very shameful that Nigeria being a country that is bless with Oil seem to not get their economy together like other oil producing countries (Example; United Emirate).
    Ms Shirley Aghotse claims that she wants to be a professor (which is great) but dismisses Youths walking the run way in bikini but isn't that how she got the opportunity to be known? how ironic is that? rather than talk, I need to see some change or action whatever you want to call it. America has started the movement for change by electing its first African American President; its about Damn time Nigeria follow suit in making sure that the youths are rewarded with jobs upon completing their University education.
    I rest my case !!!

    Niyi's Fan from DC

  2. The above response is very well put together and thought out. I agree 100 percent.
    I wan see action and no talk.
    Niyi, I hope dey girl(Shirley Aghotse) dey read your blog for response.

    Your Fan for Naija

  3. It has been a while, but better late than never, thank you guys for your observations... Please check our website, facebook page and twitter to see what RebirthRAIN is doing... Thank you and God bless you! Facebook-, Twitter- @rebirthrain, website-, email-


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