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The hustle and bustle of life in Lagos and the attendant drama, grit and fervour that characterize the people and different scenes in the city often leaves a newcomer and even some conservative long-timers breathless with wonderment. The irony of Lagos life is such that imprints on the mind of a keen observer the impressions of a city reeling with laughter and deep reflections.
Eko Dialogue captures this unique soul of life in the city in different episodic scenes that are aptly fast-paced that you almost feel the blares, toots and cynicism of Eko (Lagos) life literarily come alive and jump straight at you. Authored by Joy Isi Bewaji, Eko Dialogue is a satire of the modern realities in Eko and is written in a style that is at once fluid and compelling.
For example, in one of the episodes in the book, The Sower and the Ravenous Wolf, Joy succeeds in poking clean fun at the deceit and hypocrisy of some avaricious Lagos clergymen and the unquestioning loyalty and simplicity of the congregation while leaving the reader with some reflections to chew on. This element of parody unmistakably runs through the entire book.

EKO DIALOGUE is a wonderful package put together by Joy Isi-Bewaji, an Assistant editor with Genevieve Magazine,55 Raymond Njoku Street,Ikoyi,Lagos,Nigeria. For enquiries you can reach her on her Mobile: 234(0)8052100548 or


  1. bobo, how yourleg? hope its better now? be careful for Lagos okada this year o!

  2. the book rocks

    yes i have read it

    and recommend it!


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