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I was attending a conference in Lagos, when some people drew my attention to a story written and published on Linda Ikeji’s blog concerning a recent story we published on .In the story, a young man by name Dele Fasan claimed to be dating Omowunmi Akinnifesi. The fellow also told us that they have marriage plans.

In her first sentence, Linda wrote “It's kinda sad when people see you with a guy, and the next thing you read in the press is that you're dating him”

I am taking time to reply because Linda sort of indicted the Nigerian press as a whole with the sentence, directly or indirectly calling us fiction writers. As a friend and associate for years, I thought Linda should have put a call through or send text message to ask me what actually happened. On his part, Chude Jideonwo, Bellanaija, Omowunmi, Mai and several others have reached me personally on this.

Well, maybe Linda was writing from her own personal experience in the hands of the media. Some years back, Linda and I were at Sheraton for an event and she met Dan Foster. The two of them went to one of the restaurants and got talking for a long time. I was her publicist, yet she told me she was not dating Dan. When some people wrote it in the press, she also denied it. It was not until a lady; one Miss Olunloyo accused Linda of snatching her man that she now came out to say she had been dating Dan for years!!!

I felt very bad because as her publicist, I would keep it as privilege information and would know how to defend her when journalists inquire.

The lady was bitter because she and Dan were planning their wedding and part of the event was already fixed for City Mall before the break up!!!

We have seen cases of many Nigerian so called celebrities denying interviews granted by them few minutes later so it is not new. When Gbenga Obasanjo opened up on a number of things for Saharareporters, he later denied it and also threatened to sue them to court.

Yet, the discerning mind knew that Gbenga was only boasting, he said it all. We knew how much RMD denied his romance with Jumobi Adegbesan and also called reporters unprintable names, only for them to get married.Ini Edo granted Punch Newspaper an interview two months before her wedding. She did not only deny her marriage plans, she insinuated that those writing the story don’t know their right from left!!

About one month before Yoruba star actress, Ronke Ojo got married to her man she denied having anything to do with an auto dealer.Alas! She invited us to her wedding some weeks later.

Back to the story on Omowunmi Akinnifesi.I was on the red carpet at Future Award when Omowunmi and a young man walked on the red carpet. I have never met the guy in my life. So, after taking their photos, I walked up to the guy and asked questions concerning his relationship with Omowunmi and he said have been dating off and on for a year, but now they are ready to settle down for marriage. He was not drunk when he was saying all this neither was I drunk too. He knew what he was saying. I later asked him about his name and what he does for a living. He also gave me his phone number. I even called him on the phone!!!

When Omowunmi was going inside I asked about her marriage plans, she laughed. (Well, she later called me on phone and explained that she was actually carried away by the cameramen on the red carpet. Later, they went inside the hall and I also took their pictures. Though they were not seated beside each other, they were on the same table in front.

After the story was published, Omowunmi called me and insisted that the guy was only an impostor that they only met on the red carpet that day. She also obliged me a phone interview which took quite a while. The story was later published on the

GOD blesses Omowunmi’s brother. The guy also talked to me on phone and he said corroborated the sister’s story. He was gentlemanly in his approach.We settled the whole thing and all of us agreed that the guy was only being mischievious. I called Dele Fasan the following day and he agreed he told me all i wrote but that he never knew it would go that far.Just imagine,someone talking to press.
Omowunmi had granted series of interviews where she denied the romance-City People, Encomium,Global Excellence had already carried the story. Linda wrote that none of the story is true and that Omowunmi and the guy spoke with Shade Wesley-Etibogun of Encomium. In the first place, Shade and I have a good relationship and she called when she was doing the story. I gave her Dele Fasan's mobile number.
Well,i think the big difference between Linda and I, is that i generate 98 per cent of the total materials on my blog. I go all out to get the interviews or cover the events live. Linda only sit back at in her Surulere home, surf the net or read magazines then re-write. I can tell you for free that she rarely attend up to five events in a year.
I put a lot of energy into into getting my stories and photos. Well, if Linda's attempt is to rubbish us, its all well and good.We have been quoted by all Nigerian newspapers and websites.This is because of the authoritative news and photos.
Perhaps, the reason why a lot of people appreciate what we do here.


  1. Ha Niyi is like u are very angry with Linda, take heart i have same on my site too, just try and make peace with her we all need each other, your friend from AMS.NL

  2. see this is the shit that piss me off . nigerian so called celebs pulling yankee on us. what da hell shit is stupid. as if dating someone and saying it is a big crime. actors that are being paid maybe 100 grand naira pay movie now think they are big stuff. see how stupid they all think. if u deny , deny til the end . and as for linda ikeji i dont know why da hell she called a supermodel. the heffah aint that tall . what ,maybe shes 5'6 but nigerian everyones height is 4 inches taller. i never even heard of her all i know is she has some agency or so that produce crayfish waka models.non which have suceeded in going to south africa. look niyi keep on doing what u do best , tellin us the truth. at lest someone has dignity to say blue is blue and not call it orange. people just plain lying wtf or who da hell they think they are angelina jolie.

  3. You sound kind of whinny. I still remember when you say if it wasn't for linda, you won't be on this. So please you don't need to disrepect her on your blog.

  4. I understand that perhaps Linda Ikeji should have called you to verify the details of what she posted on her blog regarding the former MBGN, however, I hardly think that you outing her regarding an affair that went awry is necessary. It is neither professional, nor responsible, Her blog entry was not a personal attack on you. She only assumed what many reasonable nigerians would have assumed about the acuracy of pictures.Maybe it is quite unfortunate that her assumptions were incorrect, be mindful however, that given the totality of the circumstance, her assumptions about the nigerian media is not totally inaccurate.

  5. Well said niyi,i have said it over and over again,Linda is trifling and is a vicious undercover amebo pretending to be all sweet.Yet under all that "sweetness" is a nasty girl.

  6. Niyi, I love your blog as well as Linda Ikeji's and I don't think she meant to belittle or insult you. Looks like a blunder to me. However, I think for someone who is or was her friend and publicist, you were kinda harsh on her. I don't think you had to reveal all that about the Dan Foster issue, or her sitting at home and collecting stories from the net. I like the fact that you put so much energy into getting your stories and photos, but I also like Linda's little grain of salt. Still got love for you...I just thought you may have over reacted a little.

  7. i know this guy called dele fasan infact i know him as ola fasan....when i read the story I couldnt bring myself to blieve that he could actuakly be dating Omowunmi cos frankly I just felt they wernt on the same "level"...but they say love is blind right so i took it with a pinch of salt...hen did something silly and cos i know him I know this is classic Ola!

  8. Kai Niyi u dey blow real hot, aba?
    Na sledge hammer u wan take kill ant?
    Wetin happen to to d spirit of comrado and maturity of a bigsboy?
    In journalism, professionalism is key and cannot be messed with, however we all know that on the field, shit happens, so take things easy, send Linda a mail and talk/laugh this over!
    I no like am as u start rofo rofo fight o!

  9. Dude. See why I dont do news on ? Even though you can verify the source most times, and sometimes the person involved gives you the news...they run around and deny the next minute.

    But, dude...I think you should take out the 'Personal/Dan Foster' bit. It's kinda personal bro...and not on the professional side.

  10. Mr Niyi weldone, but u over did it men. I've been following ur blog ever since u launched it and i wouldn't have known ur blog if Linda hadn't directed us to it when u started it. U sound like u've always had some hiden resentment for Linda and was only waiting for the chance to deal with her. I still dont think she was making direct reference to u her freind. What is freinship worth to u guys anyway? Dat was the same thing dat happened with Psquare and Ayenithegreat, and they were freinds, just like u and Linda. If u are really dat better than her, why didn't u put a call to her b4 publishing this. No body is perfect and u cant please all. Bros it's not fair. Some of us a looking up to u guys role models. U no try but i'll keep reading ur blog.

  11. Brother Niyi,
    ko ti to ija, Please dont be angry. This is just a trivial issue you dont need wasting your energy on. We love you and we love Linda, dont allow what anyone writes here to cause enmity between you two. Takre care

  12. Can I get an over-reaction? D o you really have to put her business out like that. You are a guy, and someone who was once close to her, why are you being spiteful. You may not post this but I am slightly disgusted. As a guy why don't you just leave a comment on her blog and caution her? You really have to make a blog entry of this? And give all her haters a chance to start bad-mouthing her? This is so trite, Niyi. Get your act together!

  13. I love Niyi but i think you are being to hard on linda. She was certainly not reacting to your blog she was only reacting to how the story was write in Encomium. Really i do not get it when people come out to deny this and that, if the boy claims you are dating and you are not ignore all the side comments and move on why give people something to talk about? Niyi you rock with alll your stories but you should not have taken linda to the cleaners like this...

  14. who is dis linda?never heard of her and dnt want 2,but wat d f is her own niyi continue wat u doin i get d latest gist frm 9ja frm u and u doin a grt job.

  15. @ anonynous 2.13pm
    Linda's height or personal achievments is not related to this topic..If u think she is not that popular, how come u know she has an agenc?

    And what does going to south Africa have to do with success? dumb fool? Wake up and start using your blocked brains

    Listen if u continue hating, u will either end up having stroke or high blood pressure.




  17. I understand u being upset but now that you have calmed down u need to take out somethings from this post...It's a bit too dont need to air her business like that...


    Niiyyiii!! Haba i really thought your were bigger than this ooo i mean talking about her affair with Dan foster is soooooo not cool dude not cool at all!

    I am not even a fan of Linda ikeji AT ALLL! I Have MAD love for you FAM but damn!

    Niyi i am not feeling this post at allll and i'm a right old BUSY BODY DRAMA LOVING AMEBO DIVA!!

    But Niyi! Your bigger than this dude.

  19. Niyi,

    Though I had vowed not to comment on Linda-Niyi and Omowunmi-Fasan issue, I strongly think it is a responsibility to say the truth. Pls pardon me if I 'mis yearn'.

    I am very disappointed when I read your post. You are Linda's publicist and mentor in journalism. You guys have been friends for a very long time, so you don't need to 'assault' her in the public. What is wrong in calling her to settle the differences.

    Linda doesn't attend event: that is not a problem men! Afterall, she gives you credit anytime she writes from your blog. Why crucifying her?

    Also, you shouldn't have written about Linda's personal secrets with you. As her (former) publicist, her secrets are supposed to be your secrets. You're supposed to TREASURE her secrets; she is a celeb for crying out loud.

    From what I read, Linda called to apologise and settle with you. I don't expect you to be proud of that. It shows that Linda is more matured (no insult intended)

    Let me state that nobody is an island. I got to know your blog through Linda Ikeji's blog, and I know so many people also got addicted to your blog through the reference on Linda's blog. So, why trying to feel like a king.

    This is a candid opinion of a friend.

  20. Niyi you were too upset and i understand considering what you went through to get Linda media hype up there. I am a journalist and i know that the top model did not fit the name Linda Ikeji in the first place.U made it so and weided to help you project her. Afterall we all know that Linda has never earned up to 1000 dollar in her modelling career.As a so call model shit,has linda ever stepped her foot on South Africa not to tak of London and America to Model? Has she even been to Senegal? I told you Niyi!I told you! The issue of Dan Foster is not a new hing and i guess u did that just to let people know that she once denied her relationship too. Every time she collect the so called shit written by us in the media, yet she still abuse Nigerian press.Well, she thinks she is made already.
    As a top model does Linda even drive a car? all what she is doing on the blog is all make believe because we all know her real level.Dont let us blame those who only se her from her afar....they don't know!

  21. I dont think get it in the first place,Niyi did not wash Linda dirty linen,the issue was already in public domain.He only stress that Linda,like every other person talks to the press and later deny it.Niyi I hope to see you and Linda in a shot soon!
    I called three two days ago.

  22. Niyi sweetie, I'm really sorry to have started all this...i just made a comment and if i'd known it will escalate to this level, i never would have made it. What I hate most in my life is trouble...i used to look for it before but not really sorry for how this turned out.

    if any press person feels insulted by this. im trully sorry. didnt meant to insult anyone.

    @Miss A, im really sorry for all this. i dont feel made yet, im still climbimg the ladder of success, hopefully y'all will be there for me...and yes I do have a car ;)

    and about the negative comments on our blogs...well, they are just words...hopefully we are both bigger than that.

  23. @Linda Ikeji-Thanks so much...We shall definately see one of these days.I know u know that i dont get upset.I know u know that i never said anything that was not in the print before.Thank you so much.I loveeeeeeeeee u and u know.

  24. Ok, Linda & Niyi, is this another PR stunt for us all to notice you both more and pay extra attention to you both one more day?

    Abeg, the price of off good Pizza is very expensive here and you both better get back to your Pens and papers and PC keyboards and tell us stories and stop fighting!

    Me I dont like people venting person things when angry sha O!

    Ok, group hug?

  25. Linda ikeji a true bitch.......Why are u guys paying so much attention to her bullshit she writes shit to make her look so innocent but deep down that bitch is a snake and should not be trusted. it so amazing how people take her comment too serous..... she contradicts herself several time and write accolades commentary to help boost her image even if it’s bogus(lies), my advice to Ms OMOWUNMI AKINNIFESI ignore her bullshit comments. You know the truth and your other half knows it too.

  26. Hey Mr. or Miss or Mrs. Anonymous callin Linda a bitch, next time if u wan 2 say such things, don't use anonymous. Show ur identity or I consider u a coward with no place in d midst of social activists n shud b with ur playmates on facebook cos u've not come of age to start posting comments on blogs. So if I catch u here again...

  27. wow! you guys could have settled this in private. that is wat mature minds do and right now niyi i am referring to you. tz well with both of u!niyi i bet you did not exactly get the feel u tot u would get from this. guys, friendship is not this o!
    y'all when u really get to know linda, trust me, you wuld love her. she is one of the most down to earth people i have ever met tho she has her own flaws of course.

  28. pls am in love with d,banj.tell him for me,i leave in holland,i can,t wait to see him


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