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I am very grateful to those who intervened concerning yesterday’s issue between Linda and I If you think I over reacted, I am deeply sorry. Trust me; I am not that kind of person. Those who know will tell you that I love enjoying myself and having a good laugh everyday! I play so much (sometimes I wondered what Tee saw in me) because I don’t get bothered about things.

Linda called me last night, she apologized and we settled. I have loads of love for her too. Those who work in the media understand what I am talking about here. Everyday, after a story is published, you get loads of emails, comments, phone calls. Sometimes, they would even call their lawyers to harass you. A lot of people praise you for filing your stories and photos right on time. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ABOUT ALL THAT. My reaction yesterday was just an exceptional case.

On a lighter mood, when you write good stories about some celebs, they would pretend they never saw it. Even when some journalists tell them, they will say, “When did you write it? I didn’t see it” However, when it is what they consider a negative story, they will be the first to call you one phone “How dare you write such a thing?” I know some actresses who will call and say “Niyi, thanks! I saw what you wrote about me. It’s good that you people are projecting us well to the outside world. I know some celebs that are just down to earth and humble. They respect what you do and when you didn’t get it right, they call to inform you. At the end, you guys play over it.


  1. So today I fit greet you properly, cause you've done the comrado thing!
    I hail o!!
    Do take care and don't let this 'minor' hitch distract you.

  2. Niyi, have you read this... Copy and paste. It is titled 'Lessons from Niyi Tabiti and Linda Ikeji Brouhaha'.

    ***E bi like say Omowunmi don date the guy but she too shame and forced the guy to deny it all. Why is she such a pretender, is she too good for him? Must a man's father be a diplomat before he can date a diplomat's daughter?


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