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By Niyi Tabiti

9ice is doing nice things to himself and he is got a Toni Payne that is not a pain by his side.The latest gist about Abolore Akande,the popular Nigerian musician known as 9ice is that he has moved into his new house in Abule-Egba area of Lagos State.The house warming ceremony,which took place on Sunday 12 April 2009 saw a lot of people coming to felicitate with the couple.
9ice deserve all the accolades as there are many artistes who has made more money but has no thought of doing something like this.
The cream-coloured duplex, already named Alapomeji Villa, was erected over a period of six months, and the singer personally supervised the project.

Interestingly, the house also has a full audio studio where 9ice is expected to finish work on his third album. The fully-equipped studio is already ready-to-use, with a 32 Channel console, Adam speakers, Newman anniversary edition microphones, Roland Fantom keyboard and a full option Mac PC. ‘‘It has been my dream to have my own studio in the comfort of my house. And now, I’m happy that God has made it possible. I can wake up in the middle of the night and come down here to voice any idea that comes to my head. The studio means a lot to me, that’s why I’ve stopped at nothing to make sure it’s the best’’, 9ice says.

Surrounded by lush green grass, and tucked behind thick walls, 9ice’s property is situated in a private estate around Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, in Lagos.

‘‘I like this area because it is very quiet and peaceful, and I have some of my family living around here. There’s nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by those you love. This is my home for now, and I thank God for making this dream come true’’

Apart from the duplex, he also recently acquired several plots of land within the same area, where he plans to set up the Alapomeji records offices and an audio visual studio.

After the prayer session to dedicate the house on Easter Sunday, 9ice presented his father with a surprise gift: gold-coloured Honda Accord iVTec.


  1. Congratulations to Toni Payne, bet she didn't realise she left yankee to come live in the real hood of Lagos. Where on earth is 'abule egba'? And 9ice as a music star should at least find some money from all that singing and rent/buy a nice place on the Island. Haba!!!

  2. That is what he can afford. Unless you want his wife to become the husband by buying a house. Do you think that artistes make a lot of money in Nigeria? Gongo Aso has not got a proper musical video till now. He was just lucky to make it. The recording companies are the problem... Artistes do not know their rights.

  3. he who find a wife, find a good thing and obtain favour from the lord.
    location matter less when u just dey begin life so ignore the abule egba location for now.
    by the time he saves up enough for the future, he'll pick d best part of the world to settle.
    atleast he's not living in a rented apartment.
    thumbs up 9ice.a step u are man above others.
    ile atura o.
    with tp and zii boy on ur side on ur side and the MIC in ur hands,the sky is the limit.

  4. So what if he builds in abule egba.That is the problem with 9ja peeps critising what someone has done with hard work.

  5. Anon 1 n 2 need to realize that all that glitter is no gold they say..... where you live is not in anyway a definition of who you are nor what you are worth..... some people living in the so-called tush areas ain't really worth that much.

    i think you should be proud of him n what he has achieved. he has a honorable means of living n he's living his dream..... not your "supposed" dream......

  6. What I love is that he invested money into a studio. Naija artists need to do more of that. Spend money to improve their work. Instead All they do is buy hummers. 9ice is a smart guy.

  7. Congrats to an achiever with native wisdom and his wife. He has worked hard to earn the title "landlord". Nothing is bad if he chooses to live in Abule-Egba or anywhere! At least, his family, most especially the wife is pleased with their new home. They are living genuine life within their means. How many IKOYI/VI/LEKKI people can afford a duplex building without leverage and how many did work hard for their money? Anon 1 & 2 are just vain people. What's wrong with a star living in the midst of his fan rather than a cocoon of boredom in Ikoyi et al?The wife should be a role model to young ladies of means out there.

  8. I know Toni Payne from LA, and she seems like a down to earth girl. I like both of them, because even with his success, he wants to remain humble. I don't know where the place is, but maybe he chose the place because he wants a quiet, chilled, away from the craziness in the city, and close to where he's from. Congrats to him, his wife and even the little one on their new achievement.

  9. nko toba wun elenu lole fenu e so.
    You can say whatever you want with you mouth,
    As far as am concerned thousands of upcoming artists
    Would like to be like him. Don’t fake up to be what you are not.
    Behind every successful man there’s always a woman.
    Tony is using her own pain to bring fortune. CONGRATULATIONS BRO.

  10. what is wrong with 9ice living in abule-egba,he has only one album and he hasn't made enough yet,remember D1 still leave in ajegunle not bcos he can't afford a house on the island, those places are even safer than u thnik.
    so this is wishin 9ice a peaceful home and a peaceful marriage.

  11. the picture of the house would have told this story better. Ogbeni Niyi, you are gradually joining the clique of arm chair bloggers, wake up!

  12. I shudder to think that people like anon 1 exist. May my path never cross with yours o, dear anonymous. Amen!

  13. Hey 9ice baba,You get mouth jo,God go do more then this one for you my brother,For me you re the best Nigeria Singer.Madam God bless you more then what you re asking him to do.
    Na your Guy,


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