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AS the heat of the oncoming reality show tagged Koko Mansion begins to burn, the nation’s film industry otherwise known as Nollywood is the first body to endorse the show being packaged by HiTV, Nigeria and Africa’s fastest growing satellite company.
The Actors Guild of Nigeria through its president, popular actor Ejike Asiegbu, has described Koko Mansion as the biggest thing that will happen in the entertainment horizon this year. The show is expected to begin in June.
Asiegbu in a statement on Thursday described Koko Mansion as a reality show “with good intentions and the fact that a wholly Nigerian company, HiTV, is bringing the show to Nigerians is more heart warming news. Koko Mansion’s objectives are genuine and realistic, many young, eligible Nigerian men are finding the task of getting a good wife Herculean, but with Koko Mansion, most people may find what exactly they are looking for in most women. It is not a hundred per cent chance, but it is the beginning of a solution to a problem and I must commend HiTV and all involved for this initiative.”
The Actors Guild of Nigeria president assures of the body’s support. “Any initiative that will impact on the society, you know that AGN is always in support, so as regards Koko Mansion, I want to assure the organisers that AGN is fully in support of Koko Mansion and if there is anyway AGN could partner with HiTV to further make it a huge success, you can be rest assured that we are here.”
Koko Mansion revolves around the quest of 12 beautiful, talented girls that will live in a mansion for eight weeks, to become the ideal Kokolette (wife). The Mansion is situated in an undisclosed area in Lagos. Hip hop superstar D’banj will play a vital role in the oncoming show.
In these weeks, the young women will be groomed and tested in various activities in order to determine the one with the greatest Koko Virtues, worthy of being a wife –a Kokolette.
Some of these Koko Virtues that the viewer that would be the ultimate judge in the intrigue-filled show would be looking out for are: the ability of the Kokolette to cook scrumptious meals for D’banj and his friends, especially during impromptu visits; her ability to furnish and maintain the mansion. The Kokolette must also be industrious while being able to take care of the home front; her ability to be respectful and courteous at all times would be put to test. The potential Kokolette must be able to emulate notable women in society such as Honourable Abike Dabiri, Nike Osinowo among others even as she shows the ability to impress D’banj, under all circumstances in order to win the public’s votes to be in the house among others.
D’banj would among other things, help the public determine who the winner should be, based on their ability to please him. He is currently one of the most eligible single young men in Nigeria and it is believed that the music star will be able to adequately represent most men in the limelight who people assume would not appreciate a complete woman. So, with the help of his friends and associates, the public will know the most tolerant, hospitable and respectful woman in the mansion. D’banj’s entertaining character may also act as a catalyst that will bring out the girls’ true personalities.
The winner of the show will be emerge the most sought Kokolette and will have full access to D’banj during her tenure.
The Kokolette must be a beautiful young lady, at least 18 years old; she must be smart and intellectually savvy; she must also possess a fun talent she is willing to explore and definitely a WIFE material. She must be well-cultured with sound domestic training, an absolute diva with the ability to get along with a diverse crowd. The Kokolette must be someone with good moral values, independent and ambitious aside being a creative person.
The Kokolette must also be an excellent host, a very creative person who understands and can get along with the celebrity lifestyle of the hip hop star. Most importantly, she is D’Banj’s number one fan. A video audition would help the panel determine the 12 finalists.
There will be no evictions in the first week because the ladies would have to socialise and familiarise themselves with living in a mansion. However, eviction starts in the second week, where two ladies with the least number of votes from the viewers will be ushered out. Weekly evictions begin from the second week till we have our final three ladies. Eviction is primarily done by the public and could be based on D’banj’s comments. Every week, there will be a talent show segment where each lady must showcase her talent to the viewers. Talent is an important criterion to be part of the show because it would serve as the platform for each Kokolette to become a celebrity in their own right after the show. However, each week, among the three ladies up for eviction, it would be D’Banj’s prerogative to give Koko Mycine (immunity) to one of the girls. He can only use Koko Mycine once in the duration of the show. “The winner will among other benefits,
be crowned Kokolette 1, get a Chris Aires Diamond ring, a brand new convertible car, feature in his next music video You Don Make Me Fall In Love alongside N5 million in cash. Aside that, the winner will be D’Banj’s companion at public events both within and outside Nigeria. She would further emerge as HiTV’s Hi-Babe; that is, Beautiful, Amiable, Bold and Entertaining. Asides from exploring her talent professionally, she’ll be obligated to get involved in women empowering projects that would especially reinforce the unique role of an African woman in the development of our society.


  1. "The the biggest thing that will happen in the entertainment horizon this year?"..well..i seriously doubt that..MAYBE the Bigest thing in Nigerian reality tv..maybe!!

  2. way 2 go niyi,i always tell my frnds here in toronto dat am well informed and it tanx 2 niyi,grt job bro and pls less i 4get wat of ronke oshodi wedding pics need 2 c dem,kip up d gd work u are a pride 2 me and every 9ja in diaspora.

  3. Dumb idea....the branding of kokolette has been as a loose girl who wants to sleep around so why are they now trying to say a kokolette must have wifely characters and be like abike Dabiri...please...stupid concept!


  5. For the first time, D'Banj is loking responsible in dis pics. Niyi were u get am??
    And by d way, i think this Koko Mansion thing is a waste of primetime. piece of info, NBC just banned Suddenly video so i hope dis show wont incur dier wrath. No personal beef against D'Banj, just my thot!


  6. okay i get it,he's a sex symbol right? he has some chicks drooling over him,pls why not a programme that will showcase creativity and talent not some idle girls coming strutting their stuff on tv

  7. okay i get it,he's a sex symbol right? he has some chicks drooling over him,pls why not a programme that will showcase creativity and talent not some idle girls coming strutting their stuff on tv

  8. Please why was suddenly video banned? This is news to me

  9. Its quite unfortunate we live in an environment where men with trust and integrity is difficult to find. This is a stolen and hijacked idea by Dbanj and His Manager Aare Sunday. Some Peoples sleepless nights and intelectual property built around Dbanj with his consent is what he is claiming to be his. Let us see how they will have a successful show.

  10. Why can't we ever copy good things from America if we are going to imitate instead of trash? This is a Nigerian version of the trashy "Rock of Love," "Flavor of Love" and "For the love of RayJ." Nigerian girls don dey dis low dis days? E don bad reach like dis? Na una sabi! As if when this small pickin get ready to settle down, him mama go buy Asoke for dis nonsense? Do what you all want to do but USE A CONDOM, PLEASE I take God beg una o!!!!

  11. Dbanjs idea weda photocopy or original is da bomb!

  12. D'banj eva since u begin sing,i de blive u till date,infact,upon all 9ja musicians na u,i like pass.ah boy i de xpect dat ur oncoming show,i hope kokomasions na flexing place 4 dat bingas dem.Bossman

  13. P square na u be ma biggest 9ja superstar.but i wonder y small change 4 una hand 4 make una go fall una hands,bcos of person house,infact.una don reach 2 go prison 4 dat fuck up! Bossman


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