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D.R.E.A.M.S pointer International, publishers of Motivation Magazine haveconcluded plans to hold musical concert in Benue State. The event is aimedat celebrating Nigeria’s growing Democracy as well as the Entertainmentindustry as a whole.The music fiesta, aimed at honoring Nigeria’s 10th Democracy day has beenfixed for May 29, 2009. According to the CEO of D.R.E.A.M.S pointerInternational- Love Idoko ‘Besides providing quality Entertainment forwhich Benue state is known for, the concert will provide a platform wherethe giant strides of the Governor of Benue state, Governor Gabriel Suswamwill be showcasedSpeaking exclusively from her Benue base, Idoko says ‘we’ve confirmedperformances from artistes like 2 face Idibia, 9ice, Six foot plus, Kefee,Romeo 14 and Age Beeka. And it is certain they are performing at theconcert’Age Beeka who started performing on stage at the age of ten is recognizedall over for his skills in playing the key board, percussion instrumentsand the guitar. His debut album ‘AGE’ hit the industry in 2003, and hishit single ‘Angelica’ ruled the airwaves.2 face Idibia is one of Nigeria’s most renowned hit makers. Since therelease of his first solo album in 2004, he has brewed hit sings upon hitsongs. His last album ‘Unstoppable’ was released under his self-ownedrecord label- Hypertek records.9ice who first hit lime light in 2007 with his hit single ‘Gongo Aso’ isknown for his ability to thrill the crowd with his songs which are usuallylaced with parables. He presently has four new acts signed under his ownrecord label- Alapomeji records which was also responsible for his secondalbum-‘Gongo Aso’Also expected to perform are Nollywood act Nkem Owoh, Ramsey Nouah andComedian I Go die.Nkem Owoh is a celebrated Nigerian Comedian and Movie actor who is mostlyknown for the movie ‘Osuofia in London’; Francis Agodo popularly known asI go die became a well known comedian in 2001; Born in Edo, Nigeria RamseyNouah is of Nigerian and Isreali parentage, and has featured in over 2000Nigerian moviesAll the Entertainers are leaving everything behind in Lagos state whichhas been tagged the centre of Entertainment in Africa to storm Benue inrecognition of the state’s interest in Arts and Entertainment as well asfind new opportunities.According to Idoko ‘This is the least we can do for a state that haswitnessed massive infrastructural development and fiscal discipline sincethe Governor took over. It is in recognition of his strong leadership andgood Governance in Benue State as well as success in national assignmentsthat he was named Governor of the year by THISDAY newspapers and EuropeBusiness Assembly(EBA’s) International Socrates Awards of the OxfordUniversity in London U.K.Located in the middle belt area of Nigeria, Benue State is blessed withabundant mineral resources as well as talented acts. Infact, acts likeBlackface, 2face Idibia and Six foot plus grew up on the streets of Benuewhere they developed their talent before heading to conquer the world.Other prominent artistes from Benue state include Age Beeka, Terry daRapman, Zaaki and Zule Zoo.A graduate of Microbiology from the Kogi State University, Love Idokostarted off as a writer who launched her first book titled ‘CelebratingChange’ at the age of 17, she is also a member of the Chartered Instituteof Arbitrators, UK Nigerian brand. Her company D.R.E.A.M.S pointer is anacronym for Developing Resourceful Entrepreneurs And Activating MentalSuccess‘We have organized several concerts and youth empowerment events in linewith the present administration’s blue print; OUR BENUE OUR FUTURE” .oneof which was the first ever red carpet event in Benue state on March 7,2009 and the concert on the 8th of march 2009 with over seven thousandpeople in attendance when we marked the second anniversary of MOTIVATIONMagazine” she says.The concert will hold on May 29, 2009 at the Ibrahim Babaginda SquareMarkudi, Benue State and will be anchored by celebrated actress StellaDamasus and Singer , MC and Comedian Gordons.

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