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WHEN Koko Mansion, a television reality show being facilitated by HiTV Nigeria, finally begins, viewers in faraway France and Nigeria’s next door neighbour, Ghana as well as other African countries, will have the opportunity of seeing the show being touted as the ‘biggest reality show in Africa live.

This is going to be made possible because, HiTV, the wholly Nigerian pay television company, is among other African channels currently on the French IPTV operator Free, which has introduced a new range of African channels on its platform. Being the first group brought together in the African Premium bouquet, it was developed in cooperation with Thema and comprises nine public and commercial channels from a variety of African nations: two from Senegal ( RTS and 2STV), three from Cameroon, (CRTV, STV2 and Canal 2), the national public channel of Côte d’Ivoire (RTI), the public channel of the Mali (ORTM), the public channel of the Congo (Tele Congo) and the pan-African channel Africable.

HiTV is available on Free as a la carte service.Freebasic TV subscribers can in addition receive the pan-African news and information channel Voxafrica. Also, in Ghana, a deal has been signed between HiTV and Skyy Media for the distribution of HiTV’s flagship channels Hi-Nolly and Nigezie on its platform. It’s founder and chief executive director, Mr. Toyin Subair, in a statement said, HiTV is pleased about this development “especially in light of its new TV reality show featuring D’banj tagged Koko Mansion, being supported by Nigerian Breweries Plc, Jagal Group, that is billed to come up soon on our platform. The implication of this, is that viewers in Africa and Europe will get to see Koko Mansion live as events unfold in the quest of searching for the ideal Kokolette (woman).

We are happy that in just two years, HiTV is moving ahead on a difficult turf such as the pay television’s.” Subair said the arrival of Hi Nolly and Nigezie in France and Ghana, shows that HiTV is leading the pack in showcasing Nigeria’s culture in the area of movie and music. “It is time to take Nigeria’s culture to the outside world, we want the world to know more about us in this period that we are rebranding as a nation. So, what HiTV is doing is complimenting the federal government’s efforts aimed at rebranding our nation.” It will be recalled that HiTV is already in the UK and plans are ongoing to take the pay television channels to other parts of Africa, Europe and America.

Meanwhile, registration is gradually coming to an end in the ongoing race to be the nation’s number one Kokolette. HiTV’s Public Relations Manager, Mr. Justin Akpovi-Esade, said the pay TV company was satisfied with the response from potential Kokolettes. “The response so far has been impressive, but this phase is gradually coming to an end.” He is grateful to all the companies that have come on board to support Koko Mansion, so far, even as he called on other corporate bodies to join in the quest for the number Kokolette in Nigeria. The show is scheduled to hold in a couple of weeks.


  1. Where will i be able to see this eh?
    Big things oh!
    Good to see great ambitions put in motion.
    HiTv is setting the pace....


  2. Why the suspense, I want to see how the Koko Mansion will be like. If HiTV or Dbanj wan start am, make dem start am, I don tire to wait. I fit see beta kokolette wey i go marry inside dia.

  3. can we watch it online?

    i dont want to miss any episode

  4. I heard Vas2net is handling the online viewing. It is in the TV advert I saw. But if one cannot afford to pay N4 k monthly to watch am on HiTV, na to watch am for NTA be dat na or STV. Me, i don set dey wait, i don pay, but make dem start naim be my own.

  5. hi,i,m femi,ijust want 2 make a sugestion here,pls try give we people that has DSTV the opportunity 2 watch the show.It will b a great reality show by
    D banj.Pls conider we DSTV subscibers.Plssssssssss
    D banj,keep it up,no long tin,filee,Won ma run down.

  6. Really nice to see a show like kokomansion in Nigeria....kudos to well as HiTv.. keep it issue is about the poor volume and lightening in the house.i think it needs improvement.if improved,it would be a much interesting reality show.looking forward to see improvements...

  7. kokomansion is a big flop as far as i am concerned. All the contestants are no where near an ideal woman.

    i wonder where u guys got all this hungry mongers that has no talents and grubs everything they see. this show should be called food mansion as all they do is eat!eat!eat! Dbang u no try at all!
    pls chuck all of them out of that house cos they are just embarassing themselves. they are all silly cows. lol!


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