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Red Bull Street Style witnessed its first qualifier rounds this May, at Urokpota Hall Parking, Sizzlers Fast Food Parking and University of Benin at Benin This first qualifying round saw more than 4,500 spectators, all watching young and talented Freestylers in attendance. Each Freestyler had three minutes to display the best football tricks and moves using his feet, knees, lower legs, chest, shoulders and head.
The level of performance was very high and the best freestylers were selected to make it through to the final round that will take place on June 13 at Silverbird Galleria, in Lagos , to compete with the other freestylers selected from Kanu, Abuja and Lagos ’ qualifier rounds. The finalists from Benin qualifier are: Victor Adigwe, Oromoni Bernard, Omorodion Edemkhiota and Princewill Ndukwe.
Freestylers who wish to test their skills have the chance now and can join Red Bull Street Style on June 2nd and 3rd in Kanu. After Nigeria ’s Red Bull Street Style Finals, the top winner will have the chance to participate at the world finals which will take place in South Africa , March / April 2010.
The numerous participants from South American countries, including Brazil , and Argentina to name just a few, seem to be born with freestyle football blood flowing through their veins. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this year the freestyle football elite from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa will play a major role in deciding who will be crowned overall winner of Red Bull Street Style.


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