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The Nigerian entertainment industry is deeply concerned about the health of one of their own,Paul Play IK Dairo. The news in town is that the musician,producer ,composer and son of legendary musician,IK Dairo,was down with Cancer and had to spend sometime in a South Africa hospital where he was taken to.The news coming from that part of the world indicates that all is well with the Ijesha born musician.


The Future Project, Nigeria was, from the 6th to 12th of July, selected to represent Nigeria at a youth exchange sponsored by the European Commission in Latvia . The Republic of Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe – bordered to the right by Russia .

The youth exchange was part of a large scale project, Sharing World Youth Skills, financed by the European Commission and organized by Code International, The Netherlands and Youth Leaders Coalition, Latvia in partnership with organizations from Germany , Italy , Spain , Sweden , Ghana , Cote d’Ivore, Bolivia , Brasilia and Mexico . The Future Project, Nigeria/The Future Awards was the only organisation from Africa .

Participants were aged 18 – 25, and Nigeria was represented by Emilia Asim-Ita, who is TFA’s Marketing Director, and Aninoritse Odeli, who has been a volunteer on the project for two years. The location was the seaside summer camp Abragciems.

The programme involved workshops, exhibitions and study visits on the work that youth organisations are doing across continents. The participants shared experiences, tools and methods – with an emphasis on the place of gender, especially female, in societies.

Each country also got an opportunity to make a presentation on their native lands, and the Nigerian representatives eagerly displayed to other participants bits on Nigerian youth culture, politics, geography, government, and the work that youth groups are doing for the country.

“It’s amazing the misconceptions people still have in parts of the world that don’t have much opportunity to interact with African professionals,” Asim-Ita said, “but beyond just the platform to present a new face for our country, we were struck once again by how similar the work of organisations all over the world are. We were also gratified to see that those youth who are doing change projects properly with structure and sustainability, as opposed to jamborees, manage to succeed despite how difficult it is to secure funding. It was an enriching experience.”

The programme leads to a review exchange in Ghana in the last quarter of this year.

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