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By Niyi Tabiti/
News Editor

When it comes to the business of movie, international film maker, actor and producer, Kunle Afolayan knows it like the back of his palms. It is no surprise, having worked with a bank and known to be creative, Afolayan would not have been anything less.
Recently, Kunle invited the Nigerian business community to the preview of his latest movie ‘Fingurine’ at Genesis Cinema located at The Palms, Lekki. Stars in the movie includes Ramsey Nouah,Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi,Tosin Sido,Omoni Oboli and Muraina Oyelami.
The event had representatives from various PR companies; advertising companies and conglomerates.Afolayan disclosed that the purpose of the premiere for business executives is to show them practical opportunities of showcasing their products through ‘subtle’ advertising and other means in movies.
There are various scenes in the movie; brands can be used to depict certain places. He thanked GSK makers of Lucozade Boost, MicCom Golf Hotels and Resorts, for using the movie as a platform to showcase their product and services.
We gathered that this sis the beginning of a series of premieres that would take place in Nigeria and various parts of the world.
Ramsey Nouah,Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi,Tosin Sido,Omoni Oboli are some of the lead actors in the movie.
The synopsis of Figurine (Araromire) shows that it is a story of two buddies and a girl…all down on their luck have their lives changed when one of them discovers ‘Araromire’ a mysterious fingurine in a n abandoned shrine which, according to legend bestows seven years of good luck. But no one told them about the next seven years…
A statement obtained by from Golden Effect, the production owned by Kunle Afolayan described Figurine as a multi-cultural and contemporary feature highlighting the essence and efficacy of tradition, friendship, betrayal and love. It transcends both the ancient and modern day.

Born into the family of legendary film maker, Late Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love), Kunle started his acting career from childhood and also helping is father in his film productions. A graduate of Business Administration, he later studied Digital Film Making at the New York Film Institute,USA.He produced the award winning movie,Irapada and also co-directed a short film titled Triangle of Needs with Catherine Sullivan, a notable American film maker.
Aside winning several awards, Kunle Afolayan has showcased his work at notable international film festivals such as London Film Festival, screening at Pan African Movie festival,Los Angeles,USA,Nollywood International Road Show,Iyalode Film Festival in Atlanta,Georgia,USA etc.


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