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Lucy of D Lune as she is popularly called, is a force to reckon with as far as bag making is concerned. Although she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in French Lucy has continually extended the frontiers of bag making with her signature works of art.

She is referred to as the optimum symbol of independence in women as she was driven into fashion by a craving to be independence. She started off with designing traditional outfits popularly known as Senegalese which was greeted with rapt attention. With time her growing clientele demanded more and Lucy was thus pressed with creating a suitable accessory to complement her unique designs. Her crave saw her reject the trend of Bag merchants, and she began to churn out her own personal designs. Today D LUNE [Her Brand], showcases versatile works running from leather to the damask, aso-oke and a diverse range of eye catching works of art. 

At the exhibition, her re-definition of Bags and other leather fashion accessories like ballet pumps and sexy plimsoles will be on full display. Each piece served for that girlie factor in YOU!!!

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