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I was shocked to the marrow when I heard that the Nigerian style industry has lost the indefatigable Nicholas Anukanti. He was very popular in his days at Galaxy Television in Lagos. He co-hosted the first Nigerian Television Fashion Show at Airport Hotel, Ikeja.I remember Nicholas passion for the fashion industry. I remember when he started the television show. We shared ideas on the industry and the vast opportunities. The last time we saw was at Adewale Ademokoya’s event. He was looking robust and lively as usual. Now Nicholas his gone!Rest in peace
I could not believe that we have lost Nicholas...even when i wrote it some days back on my Facebook status.I remember 2003 when we narrowly excaped death in the hands of some cultists at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta. We had gone there to cover their jambite night.Shortly after the Pageant that also too place that day at Kuto Cultural Centre, there was stampede. Cultists invaded the place. Most of them weilded dangerous weapon. Nicholas, Jimmy (The man handling his camera) and I, managed to hide behind the heavy speakers of the DJ.We watched as the cultists dealt with themselves and later managed to escape.................................................Nicholas sun re o!


  1. I know him what happened to him? how did he die?

  2. niyi,
    i have been waiting for people to add that he was very popular with campus affairs or circus?
    please try add that.people are just talking about his later days.but the campus shows practically made him go into the beauty thing as he had network of youths.i still can't beleive it!he was always laughing at me for being fearless or outspoken most times.he was soooooooooooo sad i left my last employ especially as i had sold the company to him through our chats.nicho had no one was too will know when you get to know him.nicho,buried today at atan?ah!


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