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About 11 years ago, I use to have this younger friend who was living in my neighborhood. I was always complaining about her school uniform anytime I saw her coming back from school. She usually looked so unkempt and sometimes part of the uniform would have been torn.

Anytime I complain, she would always reply me with a smile “Bros Niyi, no worry. Forget my uniform. I will soon finish secondary school then I will become a big girl”

One day, she told the real meaning of her own big girl'.She said after school she was determined to become a sex worker (She would be using her body to make money from men).I was shocked because I never thought someone would have such a ‘vision’. But I soon realized that her father was an alcoholic who usually come back home to beat their mother recklessly. Later I waved it aside that the young lady couldn’t have been serious.

What I thought was a joke starred me face to face about four years ago. After the successful hosting of a reality show, some of my friends (who were also involved in the project) decided that we should all hang out somewhere and enjoy ourselves. Guess who I saw that midnight ‘hustling’ for men? The same girl who had predicted her own life. She looked bigger and her dress sense left little or nothing to the imagination. Many of the girls had their eyes almost popping out of it sockets. All eyes turned as she stepped into the hangout. Many of the girls quickly came to meet her as if paying homage to a senior girl in the business. One of my friends remarked that “This one is a Lion, she would devour anybody” and we all laughed. Suddenly, the person (whom I never knew was someone I had ever met in my life) came closer to me. I was surprised as she also bended her knees in front of me. “Bros Niyi, she muttered. “It is ...” (She told me her name and i realized she was the one.

That day, I almost wept because she became that 'street girl' she had always wanted to be. The same way she was determined to hawk her body, I wish it was something else.

A popular saying in Yoruba says in our hands, we hold the paddle of our own destiny. Our decision is like a prediction. So predict and you win, its as simple as ABC.I wish that girl had access to the writings of a motivator like Abimbola Junaid!

I am sure a book like 'Think Big and Grow rich' by Napoleon Hill would certainly be of great value to everyone.

Happy Weekend!


  1. This is true. A man utterance surely manifests, one way or the other, in his life. No wonder the bible says that there is power in the tongue. May God help us. Amen

  2. May be you can direct her to the Abimbola now, that way you would have helped. dont leave her like that.

  3. I just learnt that i can be of help to ppls future.I'll try to advice against negative talk.Reach out to her again if u can


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