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Most Nigerians would go for sexual intercourse at night than in the morning and afternoon time. This is the result of a poll conducted by Astaroberts/EMMS New York and
 According to the findings, which can be seen on gistmaster , out of those that  responded,70.4 % of them says they prefer to have sex at night. About 181 of them believe 'night is always quiet and sexy with little or no disturbance. You get full submission and enough time for foreplay unlike morning or afternoon,when sex is always done at the  'speed' of sound. Moreover, there are so many things competing for attention especially in the afternoon.
  One of the respondents disclosed that night is the best because a man willingly settles down for you because in the mornings, men are always in a hurry.
  7.0 % of our respondents voted for afternoon while 22.6% says the best time to have sex is in the morning.About 58 of them says sex is good is like a early morning tonic.It is good to start the day with it.
One of the respondents recommend between 4 and 5 am.
 However some says, they are ready anytime of the day.Once their body is in it for 'it'
 When do you prefer it?


  1. you can have sex at anytime since it has the same name(SEX)

  2. Sex is good at anytime you have the urge.


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