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Ready to wear clothing is ready to wear

A perfect fit off the rack is almost impossible to find. Be assured most garments need altering. Most frequent alterations needed: sleeve length, trouser length and width. Great tailoring is the single most critical factor to consider when purchasing your clothing.

To look your best you must be thin
High fashion models are the rarest of body types. We live in a culture that tells is that thinness is the ideal body type for the stylish man or woman. Your personal best look is you wearing clothing that fits you and suits your body type.

You must wear the new looks of the season
Don’t become a prisoner of fashion. Wear what looks good on you and add a touch of what is in fashion. Consider updating your accessories or selecting timeless pieces of high quality. The only time it hurts to buy good quality is when you write the check or pay cash and your once bulky wallet suddenly becomes a shadow of its former self..
Every garment has color, quality and style. Purchase fewer items of high quality with an element of timlessness in colors that are flattering to you.
Wearing an eye-catching item brings at least 30 compliments!

A man’s signature is a great tie.

Even in our dress down casual world, I recommend dressing up. Look and act the part of a leader. This is job proofing at it’s best.

P.S. A woman truly appreciates a well dressed man.

Make a statement, a positive and memorable statement. Sloppy, wrinkled clothing: delete, delete. Don’t diminish your personal signature of greatness. Set the standard of excellence. Shine as you raise the bar. Anticipate more compliments and the best answer to a compliment is “thank you, thank you very much.”

Get up, dress up and stand up and stand out. You are the message.

By Gloria Starr.
International Expert in Image, Etiquette, Communication
and Leadership Training and Coaching

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