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By Niyi Tabiti

You need no soothsayer to tell you that Mrs. Idowu Ogunlesi is a polished and highly cosmopolitan woman. She is well detailed in her appearance and her spoken English is quintessential.

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Mrs. Ogunlesi is not just a mentor, she has built a great name for herself when it comes to lifestyle merchandising. Merchandise Today, through her ultra modern lifestyle shop, where she stocks some of the best products. From plates to bathroom, kitchen and children items.

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Adam&Eve Unveils its Plaza

In 1998, Adam & Eve was set up as a wedding gift store for new brides. Over the years, so many businesses have set up shop to cater for the physical looks that portray a luxurious lifestyle. (shoes, bags, cosmetics, phones etc)
Adam & Eve has evolved to complete this luxurious lifestyle.

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You need to ask yourself when you are out there looking glamorous and chic that if you have to entertain in your home, will it boost the envious/admiring glances?
This is all about presentation.

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-    Is my crockery presentable? (Drinking glasses, champagne saucers, cutlery, dining plates, napkins, trays, underplates etc)
-    Will the decor be conversation pieces or gossip points?
-    Will my guest toilet wow them?

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Adam & Eve –adds fashion, fun, design and value to your home.

Adam & Eve- the new verb meaning:

A    -    ambience of comfort and design in your home with decorating details
that fill your space with style and personality.

D    -    design-led kitchen products of an unbelievable and incredible variety;
decorative, durable and functional.

A    -    amazing collection of stylish leather goods by Italians.
M    -    moments of luxury and real pampering in your bedroom with the
softest of feather pillows, cosy duvets and cotton bed sheets that
feel like silk-all combined to improve the quality of sleep.

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&   -     the children are not left out

E    -    exquisite bathroom accessories.

V    -    vibrant table settings with a really wide variety of dinner sets (porcelain,
stoneware etc) cutlery, table cloth and other accessories allowing for

E    -    exquisite and brilliant gift ideas to endear you to your clients, friends
& family.

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Come Sat the 18th of June 2011 Adam and Eve will unveil its new store, products and its exclusive leather collection.

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