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News : Christian Louboutin Celebrates the Black Woman With Classical Art

Classical Art Painting                                                                                 Model shoot

Christian Louboutin’s shoes are coveted the world over by ladies whose elevated fashion taste is being reflected by their  “red bottoms”.

Though now mainstream because of their popularity and distinctive soles, his pieces are still a splurge for most, showing the stark difference between notoriety and affordability.

Monsieur Louboutin’s footwear have often been called wearable works of art and for his Fall 2011 lookbook, he is bringing that statement to life as he got  photographer Peter Lippmann to recreate classical paintings, showcasing art, but also his new collection.

One of the pieces he chose was Portrait d’une nĂ©gresse which was painted by Marie-Guillemine Benoist in 1800. It features a young black woman with an exposed breast. It was painted six years after slavery was abolished, thus it became a symbol of emancipation for black people as well as for women.

With his new collection, Christian Louboutin acknowledges the fact that a lot of black women appreciate his collection  And as the popular saying goes, " luxury is a lifestyle " he has put true this meaning to the  statement.

Here is some more information on the shoe included in the lookbook image:
“Marie-Guilleme Benoit’s masterpiece, Portrait d’une negresse, has long been held as a symbol of emancipation and a fine balance between steely determination and femininity. The contrast between the model and her garments is echoed in the Balda Booty, where supple ivory nappa meets ebony patent leather. The stark contrast created through the fusion of fabrics and colour is softened by the delicate ballerina style ‘pointe’ toe and fine ankle strap detailing.”

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