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As I looked through my window, I noticed that Dave was already at my gate. So there was no way I could turn him back. “I gave him once, now he wants more”, I told myself. I went to open the gate. He couldn’t look me straight in the eyes but he smiled and he held right in the waist as we walked into the sitting room (click here to read the first part of this story)
Before I could ask about the person he came to visit in the neighborhood, Dave held me on the chair and that was how we started the romance of our lives. I thought I could resist him, but something in me just proved weak.
I kissed him as much as he kissed me. He held my head one hand and uses the other one to raise my leg. We left the sofa and moved on the rug. My short skirt proved very easily for him to flip and get in as fast as possible. It was like a love scene in a movie, action packed as f***ed me on the rug. He was so much on me.
We did it, yes we did. He is my junior in the office, yes I know but this guy is good! Immediately we finished. I went to shower and he did the same too. Now, this is the reality. I need him in my life. As we enjoyed a meal together, I noticed that we didn’t even lock the door when we did it. Then the bombshell, he revealed to me that he would be resigning from the company because of another offer he got in France.
I am going to miss Dave. He knows how to take a woman to the zenith and now he is going to live in France. For me, its time to search for love, enough lust!

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