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NEWS ; Watch Out for THE MAKING

On Saturday, 30thof July 2011, Fashion Lovers will come to witness ‘The Making’ a scheme with anobjective of bringing to the limelight young budding designers to work withexperienced designers and stylists in a once in a lifetime opportunity tointeract with business development and entrepreneur managers in order tobroaden their skills on business management.

“The Making” which will comein form of a TV Show to air on Saturdays on "Urban Spice" on Spice TV and Page3 on STVSunday 2pm and Tuesday 9pm will show in depth – weekly, the chance and opportunity at what it takes to takefashion designing to the next level.

Fashion Lovers and audiencewill follow for 10weeks apanel of seasoned and experienced stylists and designers as they are given theopportunity to subject their designs to critical appraisals, evaluations andrecommendations, at the end of which a list of Ten designers will be selectedbased on the following key criteria. These are:

·       STYLE
·       TASTE

The designers who areadjudged most creative and have cutting edge and innovative designs will beaided to limelight by shooting their collections for free for a duration of tenweeks and as well as ensure full media support on at least ten media platformsfor a six week duration, after which the work and progress of such designersare to be evaluated to assess level of development that has attained bothbusiness wise and creativity wise.

The list of anticipated mediaplatforms, which include print, online and electronic media are:


·       Morsi blogspot
·       Neks2u


·       Durbar magazine
·       Genevieve magazine
·       WOW magazine
·       Y magazine

After the Shoot,the Mentoring Phase begins with Seasoned Fashion Professionals such as FashionPioneer; Omoyemi Akerele, Mania Magazine’s Dimeji Alara, Genevieve Magazine’sFashion Editor, Mai Atafo & Ezinne Chinkata of Wow! Magazine who will sharetheir wealth of knowledge with the young designers as they evaluate during theassessment period and give support in helping to get stockists for theircollections.

More information can beviewed on the project site at
twitter: @THEMAKING3


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