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 The name- Obaro Ibru connotes  style. Born to Cecelia and Olorogun Michael Ibru, Obaro Ibru is one of the 'social commanders' as far as night clubbing in Lagos is concerned. 
 Stylish and handsome, Obaro is also one of the toasts of many Lagos girls. For some time the young man was off the scene, sources told gistmaster that he was away abroad. 
 Now he is back and he is pulling his weight again with the bevy of ladies that follow him out every night. gistmaster saw him at Rehab too for after party of Elite Model Look 2011.
 Most people don't know the businesses he control at the moment from the vast Ibru business empire but sure you know he moves with large number of ladies at night.
 A source that live very close to Obaro disclosed that he connects the women that roll into town with him with big boys, who have money to spend..we mean MONEY. The source swore that Obaro even 'import' some of the chics from foreign countries.They have no cause to regret so far!


  1. errrr isnt he meant to be married

    errrrrr I thot he came out a couple months back that he was gay

    abi he they swing both ways need

    remember in south africa that gay party and his man arm candy I am in shock!!!!!

    err I thot I heard he was battling the big one,HIV

    all these babes better be careful
    Obaru onisekuse
    fine boy but empty vessel

  2. so basically he is a pimp

  3. Saying It Like It Is!September 8, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    He was probably at a rehab abroad and I don't mean a club, I mean where they clean these spoilt brats of their issues. He is "connecting" girls with big boys like himself with money their parents stole like mom did, abi? So in other words, he's a pimp in fine clothing, abi? Is this supposed to be new, Niyi? This is the type of news you are promoting, big boys pimping girls out? You have a responsibility as a journalist o, I hope you follow this posting with a story of the high rate of HIV/AIDS amongst Nigerians to at least balance out your story!

    People may see a fine boy, I see a man who is lacking a moral compass, riding on his family name, enjoying ill gotten wealth and as empty as vessel without any spiritual center!

    You like no post my comment, I don tok my own finish!


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