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 By Niyi Tabiti
  On Oba Akran,Ikeja I almost cried when i saw the way some guys selling fan milk products were treated by men of Lagos task force.Some of them were almost crushed to death by cars as the officers pursued them, they left their things behind. 
I was moved to tears because i know that hawking inside the sun is a tedious task, running after vehicles in traffic to convince people to buy is another difficult task,the small gain from sales is not even enough for them to live the desirable life, now some people who can not provide good jobs or affordable retail store for these guys are destroying it.Now,some disgruntled elements after seizing the products will take them home. 
 What is the future for these guys who have no one to support them. Government should realise that the best weapon to fight against crime is not by importing sophisticated weapons, it starts here by making sure citizens can do something, earn a living under good condition.
 Well, it is bad as many people would agree to hawk on the street but is the government providing the right platform for these guys and women? how many people can afford to buy a shop or rent a shop that our government says they building? For now, Nigeria can not be America not even in the next ten years. We can only try our best.Some of these women or young men on the street, the total of what they are selling,i mean investment plus profit is not up to $100 dollars!
 If you ask me how to reduce crime in Nigeria, i will simply say help these young men, don't destroy them-help them in the cause of finding their daily bread, help them, not all of them have enough money to rent all these expensive shops that government is building.Help them so that crime can reduce.
Please help me beg government!

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