Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Award-winning singer, Goldie, has been conferred a UN Youth Ambassador for Peace by the Federal Government. Under this title, Goldie intends to further propagate national and world peace through her music, actions and words.
As a UN Ambassador, Goldie will be joining hands with other Ambassadors - home and abroad - in making the world a more peaceful place to live in by getting involved in aid-giving programs in areas of unrest. “I will be representing Nigeria all over the world, in summits, world conferences, united nation meetings, I will also go to places of strife to try and give aid either by philanthropy,
or by mediation.”
Her office will also demand proper report and relay of pertinent information on U.N. activities to the countries' diplomatic centres around the world.
She is conscious of the task ahead and is prepared to use the platform in the best possible way to put Nigeria in a good place. “Nigerians are naturally peaceful people. We have a few bad eggs though whose sole aim is to cause conflict and disintegration. These few bad factions will definitely be weeded out in no time.”
Goldie is looking to building alliances across the world through this opening. On her thoughts of the Nigerian youth: “We are hard-working and innately good people. The Nigerian youth just needs to be appreciated and motivated and giving the right platform.”
Her job as an Ambassador also requires meeting with delegates from other countries while on international missions and building professional relationships that will ultimately be beneficial to Nigeria.

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