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I originally thought it was the latest Nollywood title a la facebook babes
or possibly the public's response to news of another government official
stealing from the nation's coffers, so when I clicked on the Hashtag
#Ifihad30million during 'faf' time I was pretty much surprised at the
responses I was reading. I mean people buying Palm oil factories, proposing
to the girl of their dreams and then the funniest of them all- sacking
their landlords?
To think that people had time for this was besides the point as it is
twitter after all and every whim on there is sufficiently entertained. But
then it got me thinking too. Even with inflation, sky-high prices and
billions having replaced millions as the SI unit by which embezzling is
measured, the general conception is 30 million is still enough to transform
one's life.
Don't get me wrong, 30 million is still a large amount even to me and I
really could do with that sort of money right now, not because I need a new
car to replace my old faithful, or because my wardrobe looks like I stepped
out of an 80's movie and also not considering that the missus has been
looking at that ridiculously large ring for a little too long. But because
with 30 million in my kitty, there are a lot personal projects that can now
take off and get the kind of financial investment they rightfully deserve.
But at the same time, some things are still no-go areas even with that
hefty sum. I am still not buying a Hublot watch anytime soon no matter how
many times Jay Z name checks them. A Banana island address is still way out
of my league for now unless we are talking rent which would probably take
the lion's share of the 30 milly. No Ferraris, No Porsches, No Aston
Martins but we can talk Baby Boys, IV techs, Camrys. I can buy shares now
but nobody is inviting me to come and chair the board of a blue chip
company anytime soon.
The point is as hefty as 30 million naira is, relatively to some things,
it's awfully miniscule and if proper thought and planning doesn't go into
how it is used, it can go as fast as it came. We all have heard stories of
famous people even 'yahoo yahoo' boys who got more than this amount and
today don't have two coins to rub together. And God forbid our stories take
that route. But In as much as it is good to dream about what I'd do with 30
million, I also have to be practical about my limitations even with that
amount , find ways of sustaining it whilst diversifying ,my streams of
On a lighter note, I'd probably bring out the bubbly, slot in Olu
Maintain's 'Yahooze' and toast my entry to the good life
Join the conversation #ifIhad30millionNaira

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