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Live report by Niyi Tabiti

Goldie told Big Brother that she is missing Derele Edun her co traveller in the crazy world of entertainment and a VJ with Channel O, she is also missing her friends Gbemi Phillips,Lewis,her boss at Kennis Music,Kenny Ogungbe, Sola,Wale,her brother and others...
On whether she has been eating well, Goldie said she has been eating, her appetite depends on the day. I use to weigh 63, now i am
61.5 in weight, i guess because of the early morning walkout.
 When Big Brother asked whose cooking she liked most, Goldie said 'I enjoy everyone's cooking,it depends on what they cook, everyone cooks well.On what housemates feel about her cooking, she said no one have said anything bad about her cooking,at least to her face.They can say it behind.
On this week's task,Goldie said 'It look as if its going to be fun,adventurous because its going to be a music video.
Yesterday, Goldie said she has something on her mind.Big Brother asked her to explain, she said  "First of all, i want to thank Big brother for playing my music, i appreciate it, it makes me feel like i was home. I am not really sure, are pranks allowed in the house? I am not very good at playing pranks and pranks been played back. I dont like there no rules against planks?lol..when asked, she said no one has pranked her. Big brother i beg you not to tell anyone to play pranks on me i beg you in the name of GOD"lol
 This is who i am...generally, i laugh a lot, i play, i love to keep busy, i like to be polite...i dont want to say something that would get people upset..its good to watch what you say
  Big Brother :Would you say you over analysis situations?
Goldie: i guess sometimes, i do get to..maybe something that someone said to me , i tend to think, did i go wrong somewhere...i tried to think positive.
 Click here to see photos of Goldie, Kate Henshaw,Funke Kuti and others at Encomium White gig in Lagos

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