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 How to survive cancer is one of the most frequently asked medical questions. Just like HIV/AIDS, cancer has also claimed many lives globally.There is good news, at least from what we heard from America, more people
are expected to join the league of cancer survivors. gathered from Healthday report that there are more than 13 million cancer survivors living in the US alone. Now, the figure is expected to rise to about 18 million by 2022.
 Steven Reinberg,a health reporter for healthday wrote that "the increase is driven by a combination of earlier diagnosis and better treatment of some of the most common cancers".Reignberg quoted a report from the American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

He also wrote-

Among men, the most common survivable cancers are prostate (43 percent), colon cancer (9 percent) and melanoma (7 percent). Among women they are breast (41 percent), uterine (8 percent) and colon cancer (8 percent). These percentages are expected to be the roughly the same in 2022, the report noted.
Other findings include:
  • About 45 percent of cancer survivors are aged 70 or older.
  • Only 5 percent of cancer survivors are under 40.
  • The average age at cancer diagnosis is 66.
  • There are more than 58,000 survivors of childhood cancer in the United States. More than 12,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year.
  • 64 percent of cancer survivors were diagnosed five or more years ago.
  • 15 percent of cancer survivors were diagnosed 20 years ago or more. 
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