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 By Niyi Tabiti
 People have different views and relationships with others but as for me,I can celebrate Charly Boy on and on without a coma,not even a full stop for 24 hours.I know some people will not like this for obvious reasons but it would be 'worse' if i don't say it at all.If your own opinion is different, take time to write it.
  A collegue attacked me some years ago because
he felt i was not writing 'negative' things about CB, but it would be crime to humanity if i fight him just because you are fighting him.
Like him or hate him,Charly Boy is creative and has a robust energy that allow him operate on high padestal.He does most things just to create attention.That is what they call business sense for entertainers.Most of the people he started with are no longer relevant in the entertainment industry.
 After a meeting at PMAN office some years back,his driver took his jeep away.So, i drove him in my car to his Ogudu GRA home.As we got to Maryland,we were held up in traffic,in seconds one of the 'beggars' came to the window side to beg for arms,on sighting him he screamed, Charly Boy,charly boy!!! Other beggars who are also from the north,also screamed Charly Boy! 
As the traffic light showed green,we moved.I asked how come these guys know you are Charly Boy? His reply was short and funny."Na wah for you o Niyi,you think say these people no get television?"
   I can go on and on and remember the funny stuff he does.On our way from Abuja one day, Charly Boy gave his luggage to someone who greeted him at the Abuja International Airport.As we got into the tarmac,i asked "CB wey your load?" He said "dem go soon bring am" after sometime, i asked, do you have the guys number? was then he told me, "which number.I no even sabi the guy before"..kai,i just laughed and wondered what kind of a confident man is this.In few minutes the guy with the luggage appeared and dropped it off. 
 Charles Oputa the man behind Charly Boy is a go-getter.He tells you he wants to do something,the next minute,he is already on it.He does not procastinate.Sometimes he would say,i will talk to you tommorow by 4:30 would think he would have forgotten because of his numerous engagements,before you know it,your phone would ring.To say someone as old as that would even have to time to talk in the midnight, are joking,i have lost count of how many times he would call in the midnight "You don dey sleep?" he would ask.
  At the Nigerian Idol finale,he said he would be visiting Joe Blue, the first runner-up at the reality show.The third day, he was already on his way to Joe Blue's house somewhere in Ijeshatedo area.We went together.He had an interview with Joe Blue and also talk on how he can help him stamp his foot on the industry.
Congratulations to Charly Boy who clocked 61 today!

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