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His ex-girlfriend works in his office-He has refused to resign!Is he still in love with me?

By Ola
One of the first questions i got when the relationship things stuff of askusnaija started was a particular lady who said she is no longer safe in her relationship because her fiance works in the same office with his ex.Read the content below and lets see if there is any means to cool her temper or simply ask her to forget about the relationship.
My boyfriend’s ex still works in his office? What should i do?
For some weeks now i have been disturbed about my
relationship with my boyfriend. We even fought some days ago. I discovered that his ex-girlfriend actually works in his office.

As if that was not bad enough, the company is also planning a retreat for senior staff of the company and they are both on the planning commitee? What should i do?Honestly, i know there is no time or day, they will not start doing it again?I have accused him of still dating her, he said no!I held his short and cried.Still he denied it.Honestly, no one has told me anything but i have that feeling that since they still see,something might still happen.Now i want him to change the job but he is not willing because they are paying him well.What should i do?


  1. You should trust your boyfriend and think of ways to make sure you are the only person on his mind. Picking up a fight with him over his ex and work place will only make him draw closer to her and create a vaccuum between you two. Secondly, the job pays the bills right and buys gift for you, please dont make him unhappy. TRUST AND PRAY. Let him know you are always there for himand trust him totally. Dont try to drink panadol before having headache. you'll die faster

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