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Biodun Caston Dada:Kim puts a hole in Darey's concert

And Kim Kardashian Puts A Hole In Darey's "Love... Like A Movie" Concert

I was finding it so difficult to do this review based on two facts. One,
that people may take it as a misrepresentation and may decided to castigate
Darey for even thinking of inviting Kim Kardashian to "co-host" his highly
successful theatrical Valentines concert tagged "Love... Like A Movie".
Secondly, for the fear of it going viral online, thereby putting a dent in
Darey's blossoming career.
  I sparsely go to Nigerian events lately due to
the simple fact that I hardly enjoyed it because of too many ills that
could have been avoided especially when it comes to been timely and
technical hitches which used to mar the events, but I decided to attend
Darey's Vals concert based on the facts that I owe him one (he voluntarily
hosted my first BlackBerry Fever Party for Free) and based on the hype and
publicity build up that was excellently done before the event which
generated enough interest and also because of the side-attractions of the
circus ringers that were announced will be part of the show.
What took the hype and publicity to a frenzy height was the announcement of Kim
Kardashian, the top American reality show star to "co-host" the concert.
Been a big fan (no apologies, lol), it was a perfect opportunity to see
this beautiful reality show stunner which I know many of her Nigerian fans
were also hoping to use to see the petite celeb.

  This was what turned out
to be the biggest mistake the show organisers made. I felt so disappointed
that Kim Kardashian announcement to "co-host" the event didn't become a
reality after-all, she only graced the stage for less than a minute and the
sad (or good) part was that her appearance wasn't even felt because from
the opening of the show which started few minutes after 8pm till like 10pm
Darey mesmerised us, his fans and guests alike with his stage artistry and
sonorous voice, churning out various hits upon hits both from his own songs
and international classic love songs.

Darey also find solace and support in his fellow Nigerian artistes like
2face, Waje, Timi Dakolo, Praize, etc who gave good accounts of themselves
by jamming to live band throughout the show. Kudos also to Circque du
Soleil an extreme theatre company for their spectacular choreography and
displays. The show was so well choreographed. The stage, lighting and sound
was simply out of this world. The circus ringers sure added colours and fun
to the concert with their gymnastics and acrobatic moves. I doubted if I've
seen anything like this in recent times.
  For that 2 and half hours, Darey
held us spellbound! Did we miss Kim Kardashian not to have fully been part
of the concert? It's capital NO! What I was expecting from the organisers
was for Kim to have signed autographs for her fans, take pictures with
people on the Red Carpet and be in charge of the stage and not just to have
eaten dinner with the Platinum Ticket holders and taken pictures with few
selected celebrities.
   She would have even visited and donated to a charity
home since it's even a season of love and that in itself would have boosted
her image. Even considering the staggering $500k been rumoured she
collected for the show which to me is false and outrageous (that's another
story entirely, so watch out for my piece "Don't Believe The Hype" on

I think it's high time our Nigerian artistes learn from issues like these
and have confidence in themselves to stage a good show. No harm in inviting
foreign act(s) that you know will add values to your event. Darey's concert
is a case study on how a show should be organized. It was a 5 hour of
cheerful bliss. From publicity, organisation, technicalities, timing and
stage craft. With "Love... Like A Movie" concert, Darey scored A and had
taken concerts packaging to the next level. In all, it was an amazing show
that worth every penny spent on its ticket. Lol!

Biodun Caston-DadaPublisher,

Acada Magazine

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