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My Husband stature was not encouraging-Tope Alabi

I believe it was the plan of God for us to get married. Before he proposed, I never saw Soji as a man that had the standards I desired. Then, I was a ‘big girl’ in the movie industry. I have experiences of many things in life. So, imagine a man, who was staying in one studio and working at all times asking me out! He was too gentle for my liking and his stature was not encouraging either. But I discovered that God’s purpose for our life must come to pass. Then, I never knew that
I would be a vessel in God’s hands. I never knew I had His grace in my life.  I never knew God had planned that we would come together and do exploits in His kingdom. I was just going about producing sound tracks for movies and I was not into any ministry.


  1. what made u thnking u are a big girl, as the time u are referring to how many movie have u act in it. This your remarks is downgrading your poor husband, if u tried this kind of nonsense with me , u will see hell, nonsense

  2. Woman of God abi? Ok, i hear that you are now on top of the world cos you now have money. just remember one question, with all that you are doing, are you a good example with the mind of going to heaven cos i hear you when you are bin invited and they refer to you as quest minister, you get o

  3. this is pure nonsense, who do u think you are, Talking about your husband like this, it shows are not worthy to be called a true christen.....which i knew you are not b4, you are just lucky to have good voice, thats all, its this Soji your husband that brought you to limelight, about singing, should always be grateful to him as your good mentor and good husband, he is very cool and a talented Man, just count yourself Lucky to be his wife..because you are very low to just open your mouth as big as it is to yab nonsense.....there was a time you said some pastors want to date you.....when they ask you to mention there names kept queit.....anyway....go back to your God and beg for forgiveness, ...and your husband too..beg him..and ask him to forgive per your bleaching...i beg reduce it a little...


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