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Temptations!Angelo,Beverly Deep Kiss In The BBA House Motivated By Alcohol

The moment Beverly and Angelo started getting off balance after consuming more than enough alcohol in the Big Brother Africa house,we knew it was leading some where interesting.Yes, they did...ok they almost did what Bolt did with the Ethopian beauty,Betty. 

They almost did what Nando and Selly did too. Immediately the party was over, Angelo and Beverly went upstairs,kissing passionately.We have never seen kisses so deep like this in the house.Feza and Oneal have been concealing the graphic deals of their own, after all, biggie's camera cant capture them as they wrap their faces with bedsheets or towel while kissing.
As Angelo from South Africa got it swinging with Beverly on the bed, she
realized they were getting too deep and stopped.Angelo was already on top of the Nigerian housemates at this time.  The question and others are asking at this time is will Angelo and Beverly continue their lovey dovey or is just a case of alcohol motivated romance? Time will tell.Then what happens to Beverly infactuation towards Bimp?
 -By Niyi Tabiti

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