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Victoria Beckham Snubs Kim Kardashian over wedding gown

Now this isn't funny!Victoria Beckham has refused to design the wedding gown of Kim Kardashian.She told the american TV reality star that she is busy and would not be able to work on her wedding dress.
   News sources disclosed that Victoria's excuse is just a pleasant way of telling Kim and Kanye she does not want to be associated with their wedding just like Jayz and Beyonce refuses wedding invitation.


  1. Who is Victoria beckham's when there's Vera wang, balmain. I doubt kim has ever worn any of her dresses sef.

  2. I tire o, abeg tell am o

  3. make she find another tailor nah, abi na by

  4. Celebrities with their stunt.....when Vera Wang and the likes are there.....interesting

  5. I like the way people talk about this like they know these people. Besides, this woman's butt wouldn't fit in a VB dress.


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